What Qualities Should You Look For in a Personal Chef?

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Aside from proof of certification, a personal chef must be able to provide you with proof of liability insurance and local business licenses and food-handling permits, which guarantees that this chef knows how to prepare and store food safely. A prospective personal chef would want to meet with you to talk about your food likes and dislikes, allergies, or special diet restrictions that you may have. The chef would wish to see your kitchen and to get an idea about the sort of equipment and cooking utensils in hand.

When you choose whether you want every week, bi-monthly, or monthly service, the chef will set up a sample menu for that time period. Say, you prefer monthly service: The chef would devise a sample listing of menus for thirty one days. Any modifications you want to the menus will be noted. Then the chef will shop, set up the food in your home, bundle the meals for the refrigerator or freezer, and clean up. Payment is normally made ahead of the service. Lastly, ask for references and call them.

The cost per person per dinner when cooked by a personal chef ranges from $7 to $15, depending upon the varieties of foods you desire. Obviously, lobster is going to cost more than spaghetti. Some vegetarian meals might be less expensive than meat-each-night menus; the average is about $10 to $12. Additionally, there might be a one-time fee for the storage containers.

Since the work will be done in your home, often while you’re not there, see to it that the chef is bonded or holds some other security guarantee for clients.

Among the pleasures of having somebody else cook is not having to think too much about the procedure. Good personal chefs will enjoy exhibiting their creative flair and won’t depend on you to come up with ideas.

A chef who seems to promote one food mode-—like, vegetarian—might not be able to fulfill your needs. Most of us have shifting food choices, not to mention changing schedules. Your personal chef must be flexible enough to work around your demands and requests.

Unless you ask for a favorite to be served again, A lot of personal chefs can keep you entertained and well-nourished with new entrees for at least six months.

Some personal chefs deliver food cooked in a commercial kitchen to your home. This service can be less expensive than having the food readied in your kitchen. If the chef will be preparing food someplace other than your kitchen, be sure that he or she has the proper commercial-kitchen licensing from state and local agencies and a certificate of inspection from the health department. Your personal chef might be willing to work with your personal trainer, doctor, or nutritionist to design an personalized diet plan for you.

Lack of a fully equipped kitchen shouldn’t discourage you from calling a personal chef. Many chefs prefer to take their own gear to clients’ homes.

If you are thinking of building a new house, personal chefs are often happy to confabulate with you and your builder to create a convenient kitchen.

Personal chefs could do more than whisk up a freezer full of dinners. Several can create an ice sculpture for your party, purchase new kitchenware for you, propose kitchen gifts for your friends, design and prepare the food for a home reception, or assemble a night of wine and cigars for business colleagues. Wine tastings, home cooking classes, kids’ menus, and housewarming food baskets are other services provided. Numerous personal chefs now work online to design menus and to have those menus okayed by clients beforehand.


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