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You are certainly making a smart move if you happen to have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) help you with the Filing of a U.S. Tax Return.  The CPA that you hire can help you with issues like the Earned Income Tax Credit, Alternative Minimum Tax and basic business related Tax Deductions.  You are lessening your chances of getting audited as well when you happen to use a CPA to help you with your online tax return.

The accountant is likely to suggest that you end up e-filing your tax return anyway, so it may even be a good idea to learn about Online Tax Software.  You can even find a Tax Refund Calculator out there that happens to be important as you end up Filing Your Income Tax Return.  You may want to ask your accountant about a State Refund Calculator if you happen to live in a state where you have to pay state income taxes. 

A Certified Public Accountant should be able to help you find a State Income Tax Calculator as well.  The people at Rama Tax Services would be able to tell you that there can be a great amount of difference in State Income Taxes between the state of New Jersey and the state of Colorado for example.  There is a great difference in the amount of state income taxes that you have to pay when comparing those two states.

The accountant can also help you with issues such as whether you qualify for the Make Work Pay Credit or if you happen to be a wealthier U.S. taxpayer, you have to worry about the Estate Tax.  An accountant can play a vital role in the amount of estate tax planning that you have to do.

If you happen to be a parent, you may want to ask about the Child Tax Credit.  The most important thing for you when you happen to be getting your Tax Return done could be the Tax Refund Calculator.  There are a lot of people who are heavily dependent upon the concept of getting a fairly significant Tax Refund.  Many people happen to make purchases based on exactly how large their income Tax Refund may be, they may even buy a vehicle.

The Filing Of A U.S. Tax Return means that you will one day get to participate in the Social Security Retirement Program.  This is assuming that you made at least four thousand four hundred dollars for at least ten years during your career span.  The Certified Public Accountant will help you calculate your tax return, particularly if you happen to be self employed and have done any quarterly reporting to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  This is when an Income Tax Calculator can come in particularly handy.

 The self employment taxes out there can be complicated and it can be helpful to have a Certified Public Accountant help you figure out what business expenses you can and can not write off.  Things like out of pocket health care costs are something that you can write off on your tax return.  The accountant is also likely to point out things like depreciation on farm equipment that can be written off on yourU.S. Tax Return

The most important thing that an accountant may do is to go in with you when you happen to have been audited.  The auditing process can be quite nerve racking for many taxpayers.

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