Japanese Katakana

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Have you ever find that most Japanese characters look the same and it is difficult to remember them? I think the 4 Katakana words that are always making people confused are 「シ」,「ソ」,「ツ」 and 「ン」. After much thinking and a few tries, I have finally came up with an interesting way of remembering these 4 words. Am sharing it here so that it might be able to help those that are studying Japanese now. 🙂

A way to remember Japanese Katakana, 「シ」,「ソ」,「ツ」 and 「ン」.
* 「シ」-”shi” : “SHI” sounds like the word “SHE”. Look at the E and 「シ」. Both of them look similar right?  All you have to do is just remember the ‘E’ in she because both character has 3 lines pointing to the same side. In this way, you will not have much trouble to remember it.
* 「ソ」-”so” : If you try noticing around you, you will be able to notice that most people like to nod their head when they say the word, “SO” (English). Since they both have the same pronounciation, all you have to do is just remember that when you say so, you have to move your head downwards, and the longer stroke of the character is also downwards, therefore, you will be able to remember how to write 「ン」.
* 「ツ」-”tsu” : This sounds like the sound that you will make when you are trying to attract a kitten or puppy. “tsu tsu tsu.” Looking at your right hand. You will always use your index finger to do the action which signals, “come towards me”. And so, you will then be able to remember this in an easier way.
* 「ン」-”n” : Most people like to shake their head to their right when they go, “HMPH”! Look at the longer stroke in the word, it represents the direction of the head.

So there, here is my way of remembering these 4 characters. I used simple ways and connect these four characters to things that are always revovling around us so as to be able to remember them easily. I used to have problem trying to remember each of them and differentiate them. And finally, I am able to remember them in a much more easier way. Hope that this will be able to help some of you who are currently struggling to remember these 4 characters. 🙂


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