True Celebrities

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I am not usually drawn to celebrity couples. When I see them posing for the newspapers, or on the red carpet at an awards ceremony, it doesn’t really impress me. Some of them even sell their lives to the newspapers and magazines, but I am only interested in Celebrities that have actually achieved something in their lives.

Lewis Hamilton is such a person. In my humble opinion, he is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to Formula One for a long time. Whether he wins a race or not, you are guaranteed an exciting time watching him, because he has courage, determination, and even when his car is behaving like a worn out horse, Lewis will still manage to get the best out of it that is humanly possible. Lewis lives for racing, it is the huge passion in his life, and like all people who compete, he has to be single minded to achieve his ambitions.

Some men in that position would not have time for a girl friend, or a relationship, but Lewis has. He keeps his private life just that, and good on him, so the papers will only manage to get an occasional photograph of the happy pair. But then Lewis does not need these sort of photos .

Who is the lucky woman?

Nicole ScherzingerNicole Scherzinger

His girlfriend is Nicole Scherzinger, who used to be the lead singer of THE PUSSY CAT DOLLS. The group have now disbanded, and Nicole is busy pursuing her own solo career. She recently stood in for Cheryl Cole on XFACTOR, and was an instant hit with the public. She was kind to the contestants, and it was rumoured afterwards that Simon Cowell is interested in having her as a judge on the US version of the show.

When she appeared on LOOSE WOMEN, she spoke about her music, and in a recent interview,she explained that she is an independent woman, earning her own money, and they do not live together, as their careers often take them in opposite directions.

When Nicole sang her debut single on XFACTOR recently, the camera flashed briefly to Lewis sitting in the audience when she finished her performance. He was there to support her. Likewise when Lewis was racing, Nicole was there to support him whenever she could. They are a true celebrity couple, who thrive on working at what they are good at, and not parading themselves in front of the public just to be admired. I hope they have a great future together, because they must have had to make lots of sacrifices and adjustments to make their relationship work.


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