"you Are Useless."

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“You are useless.”, I think most people have heard this from our parents at least once in our lifetime. Sometimes, they said it in the midst of anger or when they are disappointed with us. But this sentence can actually cause great impact to a child’s life especially when it is being said to them more than once. Psychologically, it will make them believe that they are really useless and that is going to change their lives even if they are actually genius. The words that come out from parents’ mouth have great effects on their children. Therefore, parents should watch the things that they say to their children.

I know when a person is angry or disappointed, they will often say things that they do not mean it but they do not realise the damage of their words especially to children. Yes, sometimes parents might say this so as to let them know that they are disappointed but it can be rephrase in a better way by telling them, “I’m really disappointed in you.” or “I’m really disappointed with what you have done.”. There are many ways of letting your child know that you are angry or disappointed, there is really no need for strong sentences like, “you are useless.”. Parents should try to refrain from using such words towards their children because you will never know how strong the impact it will have on the child. The best way is to remove the thinking that someone is useless which will help because without these thoughts, those words will never come from your mouth.

On another hand, some people like to scold others, “you are useless.”. Their aim of doing this is to make you feel inferior and to make you believe that you are really useless. But it is just a strategy to bring down the confidence level of others so that they can have control over you. Remember, no one is useless in this world. Everyone is in this world for a purpose. NEVER let anyone bring you down because you are the only unique person in this world and you are DEFINITELY not useless.


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