Antihistamines Medication

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Antihistamines, are prescribe tablets for basic treatment of hay fever and other allergic illness, they are also used as the main treatment for skin rash. The advantage of antihistamines is that they treat the nose, and eyes, giving some welcome relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of terrible itching which Some sufferers get in the area of throat and ears, Antihistamines are not as effective for nose blockage but it’s the main treatments which help so many of the symptoms, the other hay fever treatment is steroids tablets And desensitizing injections.

Allergic cells in the body release chemical called histamine allergic reactions cause’s rash and sneezing, itching and running nose, because the blood vessels are stretched and leaky, the result of out pouring secretions from the lining of the nose and lungs. 

Medicated Antihistamines are chemicals, which look like histamine, given the privilege task of fooling the body cells, but not smart enough like histamine to make the cells because allergy symptoms, antihistamines stop histamine from working properly in the body.

Antihistamines are much better for younger people, school children, college and university students, and members of the public who are actively using their intellect, The newer antihistamines terfenadine, and astemizole, can have minimum side effect if taken with precaution.

However, on very few occasions there have been life threatening reaction, by giving off reveres side effect in over dosage, or when accidentally taken with the combination of other medication, fatal reaction can accrue with people that are already suffering with heart trouble, they could cause the heart to beat in an abnormal way, but on the positive side, with thousands of prescribe medication taken daily only a small number of people have suffered fatality, so with proper precautions terfenadine, and astemizole, are excellent for hay fever sufferers and they are still among the safest medication.

Antihistamines prescriptions collected from the pharmacy comes in tablets, capsules and liquid medicines taken by mouth, the benefit in taking Antihistamines is to get relieve from throat and running noise and itching sensation.

Older antihistamines, cause sleepiness and should not be taken on a regular base unless your doctor prescribes them because you need a tablet to help you sleep.

Newer antihistamine eye drops are more important because steroid drops do cause serious side effects, especially when driving; the antihistamine eye drops works similar to the so-called anti-allergic eye drops with effective result. Levocabastine eye drops, levocabastine nasal spray and azelastine nasal spray are not sold over the counter; they come on prescription by your doctor.

All medicines have side effects including antihistamines even though they are amongst the safest medication to take; older antihistamines will make you lethargic to the point of drowsiness wobbling into sleepy danger, and has harmful effect on driving, or task that requires keen alertness, Older antihistamines have other side effects which might accrue in other patients by causing difficulty passing water,

With so many antihistamines, which mostly don’t cause significant sleepiness, there is no good reason to take one, which makes you sleepy unless you particularly having sleeping difficulty, some of these can be purchase over the counter. 

The category of antihistamines is, Acrivastine Cetirizine Fexofenadine Terfenadine Mizolastine Desloratadine.


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