Is Good Work Always Rewarding?

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I thought that every good work a person does deserves a reward. I am going to share with you this personal experience of mine during my college days in my Bachelor of Commercial Sciences course.

That evening in our Cost Accounting class, our professor announced to the class the students who were exempted to take the final examinations which was scheduled on the next session. They were exempted on account of their high grades during the mid-term examinations and with their excellent performance after the mid-term and before the finals. This has been the policy of the school which is still in effect up to the present time. This gesture of the school is aimed at encouraging the students to put their best foot forward. Luckily, I was one of those students.

That announcement seemed to be a dynamite explosion to the hearing of my classmate who was seated immediately behind me. He was one of my very best of friends aside from being my fraternity brother. Why? Is it not that he should be happy and excited because I am his best friend and that was very good for me because I would not go to the school anymore and I could spare my transportation budget.

When I looked at him, sadness was very evident on his face. So, I approached our professor and I told him that I am waiving my right to the exemption benefit. I said I am going to take the finals. The professor was surprised with my unbelievable decision. All of the exempted students manifested their elations by giving a thunderous applause over the announcement because it was really a blessing to them. Well, I just told the professor that I want my cost accounting skills to be refreshed so when I take the CPA board exams I would be very ready for it.

What was the real score?

My classmate felt the dread if I would not be around during the examination because there would be no one anymore who would impart with him the correct answers. Cost accounting is a difficult subject behind auditing. If I am around, like what we used to do on our previous exams even in other subjects where we were classmates, I would always show him my answers, so passing was never a problem to him because of me.

Came the moment of truth! Final examination was underway on that night. As planned, I would pass to him my test paper. The time limit of the exam was 1-1/2 hours. Since I only took that exam for his benefit, I never had the hardship and I finished the exam in half the time allotted. But the problem was that, I did not have the chance to pass to him my test paper because the professor was at his table with his eyes roaming around.

With a favorable turn of event, however, somebody entered the room and approached our professor and they went out of the room together. That was the perfect timing that we had been patiently waiting for. Without wasting a single tick of a clock, I immediately handed my paper to my classmate. But just at the unlucky time when he got hold of the paper, the professor went back to the room and right where he was standing at the door opening he saw what happened. So, instead of going to his table, he proceeded to our direction and confiscated my test paper. He told me to redo the examination. I tried, but I was not able to finish it because only twenty minutes were left and I finished my answers in 45 minutes. No way!

I tried to bargain with my professor not to flunk me because the failing grade could affect my standing in the campus. I was a standout. I was a gold medalist in our in-campus accounting quiz. He would not listen to me. “What you did was extremely against good conduct,” he told me. I brought the matter to the school registrar who was a friend of mine, but he told me, “Buddy, not all good works are justifiable. You deserve the penalty.”

That friend of mine cried literally because the incident cost me my chance to be marching as one of the cum laude graduates.


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