Study And Examination Tips That Parents Can Teach Their Children

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More often than not, students cram all the information that they think will come out in the test. Meanwhile, their parents scour for any examination tips from friends or online to help out in the exam preparations. However, this scenario is best avoided if some practices are observed all throughout the school year and not just during the examination period.

Regularity is important especially for young children who are just starting in school and learning how to do their homework. Parents should ideally be with them every step of the way for guidance. What parents can do to provide this is to set a regular study hour, preferably after dinner. Rules such as no television or phone calls from friends should be strictly enforced not just by the kids but also by the entire household during study hour. When good study habits are formed, it will be easy for students to absorb examination tips later on.

It is also a good idea to invest in school materials that will help enhance the time spent during study period. A study desk and comfortable chair is essential. It is also helpful to have a dictionary, pens, highlighters, and other school supplies. Some parents find it useful to have a bulletin board placed near the desk so that they can list down important examination dates, homework due dates, and study schedules. Since most students need the Internet to do their research, having online access can also help. However, make sure to monitor their online activity to see if they are doing school-related online research instead of wasting their time online.

Parents can also impart some examination tips that will come in handy when the time for the exam comes. A very important skill to develop is time management. They can teach their students how to manage the allotted time during the examination so that they can answer all the questions, especially for exams that have several sections. If time management is deeply ingrained due to following a regular study schedule, it will be easy for young students to put this skill into practice during the exam itself.

Students are often stressed during exams and this is another area where parents can help. By guiding their children into developing good study habits and following examination tips, their kids are better prepared for the exam, which in turn makes them feel more confident and less stressed.

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