Customize Your Own Car With Own Rims

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But this concept is the painting of the wheels suitable for a few years, there are many questions that you and I thought that it would be my experience with my tires integrates actions of painting. I have many examples of how to do it, but I think that first adjustments of time for me when I decided to try my tires in winter of this year. I was quite please with the result.
First and foremost, must paint the hell your tires? Of course it is: Duplicolor is painted with the colour in his wheel. They offer color color shows your black style, metal, silver and bronze as a classic example. I decided for my gun in my dose of lip in brilliant style of stocks of license. Here are the options:
Then choose the color, bought its color and is ready for the half. You must first have your tires. Why? This gives a rough texture of the surface, so it became known the color well. Light reading article works your tires as granaries of the wheel. The only difference here is how you want to go. In my case by winter wheels painted completely me not to dismantle the color on the wheel. Boiled to the surface with sandpaper of sand 300 ensure that everything on Earth. This is to keep the thick color and for all surface and when the wheels did not have any harm, it should be sufficient.
The wheels are the Earth. It has its color and now. Ensure that only clean all dust from grinding wheel with a clean to keep the color well and not from his first trip with new scales painted wheels! Here is my attempt to be washed and ready to completely dry before painting:
My wheels mesh with paper and tape. Of course, is going to change the tyres not in color, draw. It will not be painted band. Although close by, know that the lips which were masked. Therefore, I have used the tape also painted the lip to protect. What little that air that also meet the mask if you change a color well: pump
Circles are dry, unpainted thing escaped and now is the time. Put some newspapers on the floor and the location of the boundary line in the upper part of the newspaper. You want to paint the concrete edge to not keep it clean with the newspaper.
Now, please contact the first layers of color. Color in dry and leave the next day, you can enjoy their manual work and results.


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