Awaken Your Spring Mornings With Chai Tea

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In India and Pakistan, every morning dawns with chai tea. Before the first rays of the golden sun could peep through the clouds in the east, most of the Indians and Pakistanis are seen at tea shops ready to sip the hot tea served in a glass. Every nook and corner of the Indian and Pakistani villages, even in places without proper conveyance, will have at least one tea shop where you can find people appraising news of the day. Hot chai tea, either at home or in the teashop, refreshes the day of almost everyone in those countries. The traditional chai tea of the east, today in various forms of metamorphosis, has become a popular beverage worldwide.

What is chai tea?

Chai tea can be prepared I many ways. It can be black tea or green tea. Whatever tea you may use, it is certain spices that you add to it to make its flavor rich and wholesome that make it so unique in taste. The medicinal properties of tea refresh you and calm your mind. Milk and cream can be added to your tea to make suit your taste.

The infusion of tea leaves dipped in hot water makes a chai tea. The bitterness released by the tea leaves exposed to hot water yields a special taste to chai tea. It you want to have a ‘stronger tea’ you may use more tea leaves.

How to prepare chai tea?

Tea bags are available in grocery stores. To prepare chai tea at home first heat the water in a sauce pan.  When it begins to bubble and boil add tea leaves and. At this stage you can add ingredients like cardamom, clove, cinnamon, etc. for taste and medication. Leave it for a few minutes to settle in low heat. Then strain the leaves or tea powder with a strainer or filter. Add milk and sugar. Now the tea is ready. Diabetic patients have sugar-free sweets to add in their tea.

Infinitely adaptable recipe of chai tea

Chai Tea is an infinitely adaptable recipe with so many variations according to your taste. You can remove or change the quantities of any of the ingredients. You can add honey instead of refined sugar. You can add ginger, cardamom, or grated spices to make it flavored and healthy.

The word ‘chai’ generally means plain tea and when spices are added it is called ‘masala tea’. Nowadays instant chai tea is available everywhere. It makes it easier to prepare chai tea instantly. The tea decoction or chai syrup is obtained by boiling tea leaves or powder in reduced amount of water and simmered for a longer time. This decoction can be kept separately for one or two weeks and used for preparing instant tea. Just take one or two teaspoon of this syrup, mix it with warm milk and use it instantly with or without sugar.

Chai tea is a refreshing drink to activate your nerves. It keeps you awake and alert. It enables you to carry out your works better. Chai tea and a slice of bread make the satiating combination of ‘heavenly manna’ for millions of poor people in India.


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