Business Coach NJ | Get a Small Business Make-Over Now

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Business Coach NJ | Get a Small Business Make-over Now

Business Coach NJ | Are your sales down 30 percent or more then get a small business make over now.

The recessionary economy has wreaked havoc and chaos on small business owners nation wide. With the nuclear crisis in Japan and the possibility of the 3rd war in Libya Small Business Owners are sure to see their inflationary cost and taxations go through the roof.

While most small business owners are shivering in fear and uncertainty a small few are taking the precarious situation head on.

There is no better time to get a small business makeover. This is the ideal time to clearly define who you are, what you do, and how you are clearly different from price cutting / commoditizing competitors in clear decisive terms.

Samy Elashmawy – Business Coach NJ specializes in small business makeovers that position you as the only option in your market. Samy specializes in finding marketing and sales gaps with in your market that line up with your strengths and leverage points.

This starts by having a complete business inventory to find any and all hidden marketing and sales asset in your business.

This third party objective look has been proven to find many over looked, unseen, hidden opportunities that most business owners are unable to identify and leverage on their own. Usually this is due to the fact that they are just simply too close to their business, and / or been operating the business playing the same play book as their traditional competitors.

Meanwhile most inevitably small business owners are playing the price cutting and commoditization game only to find that there is just no money left at the end of the year.

This is even worst in today’s recessionary economy where business owners are struggling like never before while watching competitors close and shut down operation every where. Just take a stroll down main street or your local business park and look at all the vacancies and “closed” signs that have been put up.

Meanwhile with government spending at all time highs it is unlikely that tax rates will come down. Add in the economic experts that are forecasting higher inflation and the printing of massive amounts of currencies via quantitative easing that causes massive printing of the US Dollar that is predicted to start tumbling in the new world economy.

Differentiation and positioning are needed more than ever in today’s new economy. The tried and true old methods of marking and sales no longer work. Our economic and business models are broken and no longer predictable in the new world economic order.

However the psychology and the inner workings of the human mind still hold true. Just ask your self why do people buy? Do they like being sold to? We have all heard the mantra “ people like to buy but don’t want to be sold to!

People wont buy until you can answer “why should I do business with you, why are you different? They won’t take money out of their wallet or let you swipe their credit card until you can answer these to their complete satisfaction.

We are still human after all …. Hence human psychology still rules the day.

Ever notice how when ever you push more for a sale that your prospect or client will pull back? Notice how if you pull back they will move forward. This is one example of negative psychology.

Find out how a small business makeover that uses both hidden sales / marketing assets as well as modern psychology can totally re invent your business today and make you stand out clearly from the rest of the crowd. Contact Business Coach | NJ Samy Elashmawy at 201-467-4929.


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