Don’t Disguise With Writers: They Can Read Your Brain Aloud

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Many people have their ideas that they can sport and champion. On some basic issues these people can articulate, they can propound and they can defend. When it comes to question other’s ideas or propositions, it is again the easiest one. There is never a close door for readers and writers in literary circle and hence anyone can peep into anybody’s sphere. A true writer is never bothered about criticism. He takes all words/comments for his analysis and that helps strengthen his stand. One can write on any idea or his perception. He may have his view on same issues. To fall into argument or to defend the previous stand is never a question. In fact, a true writer while talking to someone although looks into the eyes of the speaker, the strongest attention is paid to what he hears. So in post-talk analysis writer is very much efficient in understanding the ascent, the style, meaning and the touch of speech. If someone known tries to disguise him imposing that he is anybody else he fails utterly. It is very easily caught and the intent becomes very clear before him. The forum for discussion is large and many. And there can be intense discussion on issues raised by writers but the very purpose of being on such platform is defeated.

Writers go through your brain, the way you write, the way you speak the way you are prone to use phrases. And beside that there are many other circumstantial hints that reveal the identity of imposter in front of writers. It is good to stay behind the curtain if one wishes so but be sure that the curtain is sturdy enough to bear the intensity of writer’s acumen. The writer’s aura travels through the tiniest particle in its way and reveals the mysterious identity of obstacles.

In my explanation there is no thought existing in the universe that is wrong. It is the way two different pools of thoughts weigh and analyze the same idea. And the method for analysis is always a relative one. The propositions laid by someone are true to certain set of circumstances and the same may fail to justify itself at some other. So there is no place for disagreement or apology or sympathy in writer’s department. What is important is every thought is right in a particular context and one can champion one or the other as per his or her choice and intent. Lesson? All is well. Don’t be embarrassed with anybody’s point of view. You may be right in your scale of measurement so enjoy it.


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