be Good to Others

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95.    Guard your Emotions   
Keeping emotions in check is not always an easy task.   You will have
times of  disappointment   that  will   require you  to  react  with  integrity.
You may feel like crying and feel as though your world has just ended.
Keep  telling yourself   that   it has not  ended and you will   just  have  to
make   some   adjustments   in   your   plan.    Never   allow  anger   to   be   a
response.  You never know the trickle down effect of that anger and how
it could permanently damage your reputation.
96.    Be Nice   
Study after   study has   shown   that  people  with pleasing personalities
have   an   easier   time   reaching   success.     Now   only   are   they  more
levelheaded in handling the business but they also draw people around
them that are eager and willing to help.   In fact,  in addition to being
pleasing,   be   polite,   show  true   interest,   and   have   a   great   sense   of

97.    Break Bad Habits   
Habits,   regardless  of   size  or  nature,   can be exceptionally difficult   to
break.   This will take a lot of effort but you can do it.   Unfortunately,
poor habits can be the one aspect of  your behavior that could be the
obstacle to your success.    If you have a habit of  sniffling or  chewing
your  nails  when   you   get  nervous   or   saying   demeaning   or  offensive
things as a way of   trying  to control,   to be successful,  whether  on a
personal or business level, you have to stop.
98.    Improve Efficiency   
You will want to develop your potential to its fullest.  The more efficient
you can become the better job you will do.   Be efficient with your time
by not procrastinating and efficient with your effort by staying focused.

99.    Have Balance in your Life   
Imagine yourself on a canoe with another person.  The day is beautiful,
sunny, and warm.   The two of you are floating along without a care in
the  world.    Suddenly,   ripples   of  water   start   rocking  the   canoe   and
without proper balance, both of you, along with all your belongings, are
thrown into the cold water.  It is the same when you strive for success.
You have to find balance not only for yourself but also for others around
you.     Balance  means   providing   time   away   from work   for   pleasure,

working extra hours when required,  knowing when a new direction  is
required, etc.
100.    Have Fun   
When people  start   into  the process  of  being  successful,  whether   for
personal growth or starting a business, they may start by incorporating
fun, but within a very short time, they realize it is hard work and the fun
simply falls by the wayside.  If you look at some of the most successful
people  in  the world  such as  Sam Walton,  Oprah Winphrey,  or  Ross
Perot, you will find common threads that run between all of them.  First,
they started with nothing; second, they are all multi-millionaires many
times over, and third, they have fun.  They enjoy life, the people around
them, and even find enjoyment in the challenges.   This one element is
often forgotten.   This is a crucial element for success and should be a
part of your plan.
101.    Face your Weaknesses   
The best way to get better at anything and to be successful is to face
the weaknesses we all possess.  Everyone has weaknesses and in order
to be better, think clear,  act appropriately,  and succeed,  you have  to
identify the areas you need to improve on and then take action to turn
your weaknesses into strengths.

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