Lead Your Team

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1.    Get Excited   
Do you remember your first trip to see a professional baseball game and
how exciting it was to see the thousands of people cheering, enjoying
the mouthwatering smell of popcorn and hot dogs, and hoping that you
might get a chance to catch a  foul  ball?   Perhaps you can remember
your first prom, being excited that the right boy asked you to the dance,
shopping for the perfect glamour dress, and buying your date a corsage.
You need  to be excited about  your  venture  for  success.    Remember
some of the things that brought true excitement to your heart when you
were growing up and add that same excitement to your grownup life.
2.    Expand your Mind   
Whatever your idea of success, take it one-step further.   Stretch your
mind and reach just one-step higher than you thought you could reach.
If you were going to open an ice cream store, offering 30 flavors,  go
one more step and make it 31.  Okay, you get the idea.

3.    Be a Strong Leader   
Learn   to   be   a   good   leader   and   a   good  mentor.     Enjoy  making   a
difference and in guiding others to achieve their potential as well.  Help
people reach to new horizons.
4.    Be Logical   
Okay, you may be thinking that logic itself is logical.   However,  being
logic   in  many   cases  means   having   some   level   of   analytical   ability.

Regardless of the way you think, find the logic in it.   This will help you
think and plan clearly and honestly.
5.    Give 100% Effort   
If you are going to succeed, you have to be able to get through tough
times.   You will have to rise to challenges and not quit.   You have to
plan  to go  the extra mile and make personal  sacrifices.    Succeeding
means   giving   100%   effort.     Stay   focused   while   keeping   your
performance on a consistent basis.
6.    Take Classes   
Take   some   classes   at   college   where   you   can   get   a   certification.
Enhancing yourself on a personal level will boost everything about you,
making  you  feel  better,  about   the  person  you are.    When  you  feel
better,   you   achieve   more.     This   is   a   great   time   to   obtain   your
certification in CPR, First Aid, a computer class, or some other outside
interest you have.

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