How to Get Improvement in Daily Life?

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1.    Good Habits   
Being successful, whether personal or business requires good habits.  It
is  just like trying to do well  in school.   You have to have good study
habits  in order   to do well  on  tests.     It   is  the same  for   the business
world.   You need to do your “homework.”   Read the newspaper, scout
out opportunities, and take time each day to dedicate specifically to your
2.    Be Open to Improvement  

Sometimes, people get into the habit of thinking they have the answers
needed.   You need to accept that you do not have all the answers and
more   importantly,   be   open   to   recommendations   from  other   people.
That   does   not   mean   you   have   to   agree   or   even   follow   those
suggestions, but it does mean to listen. You never know when someone
will  have  an  idea  that  will  make   things   easier  and more   functional,
ultimately helping you arrive at your goal more efficiently.
3.    Take Notes   
How many times have you had an idea either through a dream, while
doing the dishes, or sitting at your desk, and have thought that as soon
as you have time, you will make a note of it.  When that free time rolls
around,  you have  forgotten some or  all  of   that  great   idea.    Keep a
journal or notepad handy at all times.  When you have an idea, write it
down immediately.
4.    Take care of Yourself   
Being   successful   means   taking   care   of   you,   both   physically   and
emotionally.  You will need to have energy, focus, and rest.  In turn, this
will help you concentrate and put in the hours required to be successful.
Without taking proper care of yourself, you will end up struggling and
your business could feel the effects.

5.    Take Good Notes   
Whether you are at a seminar, a casual meeting, or notice something
special in the news, take good, comprehensive notes.  This is not always
a natural skill but something that has to be acquired.  You want to pay
attention  to  the emphasis being made capture  it.    Even  if   there are
materials  being handed out,   if   there   is   something  that  you  feel  you
should capture separately, do it.  Good notes will help you learn better
and provide additional reference points.

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