Want to Have Some Effective Communication?

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1.    Collaborate with Others   
More than likely, you will reach various times when you do not have the
appropriate   expertise   to   accomplish   something.     This   is   the   time
collaboration and/or  networking  is  valuable.    These  relationships   can
help you answer questions, provide guidance, and provide the ongoing
support and encouragement you will need.

2.    Customer Relations   
Keep your   line of  communication open with your  customers.     If   they
have a problem, show them the deserved respect and resolve the issue
quickly.    Make occasional  phone calls  to see  if   they have any needs.
This will let your customers know that you are there for them and care
about their business.   This relationship is what is going to keep you on
the road to success.  After all, the customer is your link between failure
and success.
3.    Repositioning and Reflection   
On occasion,   reflect  on what  you have accomplished as well  as your
open milestones and ensure you are still heading in the right direction.
Repositioning along  the way  to success  is perfectly normal  and  to be
expected.     You  may   have   been   struggling  with   something   specific.
Rather than continue battling this  issue, reflect on what has not been
working, and reposition yourself so you do not have to keep battling the
same things repeatedly.

4.    Accept Responsibility   
You and you alone are responsible for your success.  While you will have
help in many instances, the bottom line is that you are responsible.  You
need   to   be   surrounded   by   the   right   people,  working  with   the   right
investors, going about meeting your success in the right way.  It is you
that will make the choices and therefore, your responsibility to make the
right choices.   In other words, your desire for success must always be
greater that any obstacle that stands in your way.
5.    Community   
Regardless  of  what  your  goal   for   success   is,  get   involved with your
community.   First, get involved with town meetings, the local Chamber
of Commerce, and attend community functions.   You will be amazed at
the opportunities   for   support,  business   ideas,  and  financing available
right there in your own neighborhood.

49.    Get out of Debt   
Take time to get any debts paid off, especially credit card debts that will
cost you a fortune in interest.  This is especially important if you will be
seeking   funding as   a  part   of   your  particular   success.    You  want   to
ensure  that your records and credit  are clean  if  you need  to make a
presentation before an investor, asking for money.

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