How to Become a Good Person?

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1.    Share your Success   
Although this may be more at the end of the process, it is important.
When you finally do reach your success, use your experience to teach,
guide, and mentor others so that they too might succeed.
2.    Seek Input   
Whatever your idea of success, conduct a “sanity check” throughout the
process of reaching your goal.   This should be done with someone you
trust and who  is  themselves successful.    Ask  them  to provide honest
feedback   about   your   success   and   as   you  move   through   different
milestones, bounce concerns or new ideas off them to help keep you on
the right track.
3.    Toxic Poisoning   
No,  we are not   talking about  actual  poison but  toxic people  that  can
poison.   Unfortunately, it would be great if close friends or co-workers
could share in your success but all too often, there will be someone who

is either dealing with the “green monster” of jealousy or has a case of
the “I knew  that” syndrome.    If  you are serious about reaching your
goal and being successful, you will need to rid your life of these people.
While you may not be able to get them out of your life completely, you
should avoid them as best as possible.  If this is a person, you see every
day, keep your goals to yourself, and avoid that specific subject.
4.    Be a Good Listener   
To succeed, you need to learn how to listen first.  Pay attention to other
people who have enjoyed successes in their life, attend seminars given
by people that can motivate and encourage, or be open to hearing that
a particular idea is not a good one.   Good listening takes time to learn
but in the end, it will be your greatest tool.
5.    Birds of a Feather   
If   you   have   a   goal   of   being   a   best-selling   author,   find   friends   and
mentors who either have achieved that same goal or are also pursuing a
successful  writing  career.     It   is   important   to  surround  yourself  with
people   that   can   associate  with   your   goal   and   passion,   people  who
understand the burning desire to succeed and can encourage when you
meet with disappointments.

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