Importance of Character

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We often find discussion in our surroundings that whether character is going to determine the present position of a person or the circumstances play the main role in developing a personality. In this article, I am going to say on the former point, i.e the character has got vital role in determining your success.

In our society, we can easily find some families in which one person has got interest in one side while the other member is moving in the opposite direction. I have many friends that are highly educated but their family members are not. In some worst cases, one member is in law enforcement sort of profession while the other person in his family that had been provided with the same conditions and circumstances has become a criminal. So, the content of character has produced two opposite personalities.

An example may illustrate my point. Consider coal and diamond as our objects and the “circumstance” is the process of burning. When coal is burnt, it becomes ashes that have no value at all. On the other hand, if you will pass gold through the process of combustion, it will get purified. The character of coal does not permit it to become better while it is burning. On the other hand, gold decides to get some better qualities added to it while it is passing through the process of combustion. The example clearly illustrates my point.

In addition to this, we can find many other examples as well. But the “moral of the story” is that while passing through the journey of life, it really does matter a lot that what you are. If you are coal, then the problems you face in the life will make you worse and you will lose the value that you possess now. On the other hand, if you decide act like a diamond and want to improve yourself while you are being struck by the life, you will get the fruit.

In the next article, I will try to make some illustration about the importance of circumstances in creating the present state of a person or something.


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