Every Day Things

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every day situation number one: the parents situation..

every one of us, by the mere fact of being alive, have parents and it is this fundamental relationship that we all have in common, that many of our action are motivated in the future, everywere from our significant other selection, our perception of the world, etc. so it is in fact an every day situation that makes our lives be satisfactory or unsatisfactory, so then  it is safe to say that no matter how old we are, we live depending on  this interaction that we may not even remmember or may not even give it much thought, but the remnants of this relation echo during all of our lives, no matter how long or short it may be. now the issue becomes, what can i do to change the repercutions that this relationship has had upon ourselves?, the answer may seem simple, but it is more dificult than most things in life, why? because this change must come from a sincere and COMPLETE acceptance of our past, in the form that we do not cause harm to ourselves in the present because of conducts we have introyected in our past, it is a dificult task to achieve, it would require quite a lot of therapy OR a very high capacity of insight, wich is needless to say very hard to have. so what to do in the mean time, THINK! think about how your childhood was and how do you think it affected you in your present life, maybe you felt a need for affection and it wasn’t satisfied so you long to fill the gap now, maybe trough relationships were you base your feelings of selfvalue in relation to how much the other person gives to you or does for you. it is really a very complicated situation but first thing to do something about it is as i said earlier. THINK!

every day situation two: brothers and sisters…

maybe you have the privilage of having siblings wich you grew up with, then you know that this is were MOST of your character was built! it was probably an every day fight for survival against an “opponent” that may have been way bigger than you, or smaller, either way it was in this interaction were we first find out how it is that we relate to a person that is not a figure of authority above us, but is actually equal, and we come to this notion just by noticing that the way that this other person that is NOT my parent interacts with the people that we KNOW are our parents, and we soon find out that they are just on the same level as were se are!! and so it begins, this life long journey were we will soon meet other human beings that basically are on our same level, a level that then deforms and takes flight based on social definition and teachings about how you are based on what you own, be it knowledge or money. but then what is the point of this every day situation that i am discribing, it is because of the importance of this interaction that we evolve into human beings that live peacefully in society, a society that has its many faults, but is necesary to our way of life, so next time you see your brother or sister, you tell them, it is partially THANKS TO YOU that nowadays I can have a meaningfull relationship with mi fellow man.


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