Reese Witherspoon Tells Interesting Stories About Paul Newman And Don Knotts

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Reese Withersppon like always had told interesting stories about Paul Newman and Do Knotts. When Reese Witherspoon was working on the sets of the 1998 movie Twilight she starred with Paul Newman, she called him fish-sticks because his frozen food line was missing fish-sticks. So his name around the sets for her became “fish-sticks Newman” or so she said while giving an interview on Late Night with Conon O’Brien. You can still watch the video on YouTube to see that particular interview.

When she was asked during the same interview about what is he like on the movie set. She related a story of how interesting he is. She told about an incidence how one day when he came on the sets and asked for everybody’s attention. Since he was Paul Newman, everybody stopped with whatever they were doing and gave him their full attention, as everyone always listened to him when he had anything to say. Reese reported that Paul said that he just wants to tell everyone that if you cut a donut in three pieces, you could enjoy it three times as much as one. Since these lines were said by Paul Newman, so out of respect nobody dared to say anything except nod in affirmation. Since whatever he would have said according to Reese, he would still be considered great.

In another interview on the same show a year later while promoting her movie Election in 1999, Reese Witherspoon related that Don Knots once told Reese Witherspoon when she was filming Pleasantville (1998) with him that he could not go to the Midwest, because then people there really thinks that he is Barney Fife or they really think that he is Mr. Farley and expects him to fix their plumbing. Don Knots left us with a legacy of a wonderful comedic acting career. He would always remain unique for his ways and antics. His fans are avid and his movies are some of the most memorable ones. He had been working since 1959 constantly and made many films which have all gained good reviews, especially from his acting point of view.


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