Is Driving a Public Utility Vehicle a Suitable Job For a Woman?

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Although in our modern world of today we see the women population taking over the men in almost all domains, I am still not comfortable looking at a woman to be seated behind the steering wheel of a public utility vehicle, like a bus, for a living. In the Philippines, ladies are already allowed to drive a bus, at least around the metropolis. It is expected that provincial bus companies will very soon follow suit.

The main reason for allowing ladies to drive, is the rising number of bus accidents happening everywhere in the country. This is short of saying that women are better than men in driving a vehicle, and this is quite objectionable. I am not saying that women are not good. They are! In fact, whereas before women were only confined within the four corners of their homes giving deluxe services to their husbands and children, that seems to be a thing of the past now because we could see women doing good everywhere.

Is there a field in our society now not dominated by women? I can hardly think of a single arena where women are not successfully participating—politics, sports, religion, arts, entertainment, etc. In all of these domains, women are always there who are equally holding sensitive positions. This means to say that the society is now realizing the importance of women in all aspects of life. They are no longer for the bedrooms only.

What I am against is the reason of allowing women to drive. Is it a guarantee that a bus driven by a lady is accident-free and therefore safe to ride? Is this reasoning fair to the men drivers? We heard one official saying that women are more composed than men. One lady who was undergoing a bus driving seminar conducted by the Metro Manila Development Authority, the agency mandated to make Metro Manila as glorious as it can be, boasted that she had never met an accident in all of her 10 years or so experience as a family driver in the Middle East. I would like to correct that because in the Middle East, drivers are well-disciplined. They follow every traffic rules and regulations. That is not quite true in Metro Manila. If you want to test your driving ability, try driving around the streets of Metro Manila and you will see what I mean.

While I admit that some drivers are really reckless that caused accidents to happen now and then, this doesn’t mean that with women drivers these things are already history. Accidents involved men drivers because all of those drivers are men, no women yet. But, I bet that with buses already plying in all routes nationwide with lady drivers aboard, accidents will still have its place claiming innocent lives. To me, I still prefer men drivers because men, let us admit, are more composed than women in the face of dangerous situations. You could rarely see scatterbrained men drivers.

Instead of allowing women to drive as this job is really a tough one for them, it would be better to conduct a series of safety driving seminars for men drivers. The bus companies should impose stricter procedure in hiring drivers. To allow a woman to drive a bus is a very unwelcome decision. 


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