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Barack Obama’s speech in Rio (with English subtitles)

Democracy may save the world from the regimes of slavery and subjection. It’s not easy to convince a tyrant to leave people in peace, as he lives drinking their blood, spreading hate and acting as lever of terrorist cells inside the population – in the end, this hate grows against the world progress, the global community.

If people lose the hope, they also lose dignity and respect, which gives only place in their hearts to the desire of killing each other and who they judge as guilty of their misery situation. But as they are cloistered in a corrupted political system, represented by the local government, they feel impotent to fight against the dictator face to face.

So, in these case, external forces from other countries must interfere and help people to be free, installing the democratic regime that all nations have in the dreams of each of their citizens – freedom and rights of being happy.

Sleeping Beauty – Zora

Hello my Hungarian princess Zora, nice to see you again. This is simply one of most inspired songs I ever heard. Some way, you make me remember the progressive Final Cut album, released in 1983 by the Pink Floyd, because your style has a bit of psychedelic notes inside the piano chords you play. Your voice is very melodic, as it may be noticed in others of your songs, e.g., Cognitive Dissonance, equally wonderful. Congratulations, you are in my list of favorites.

Are Those Boobies Really Real? – Paul Dylin

Hey Paul, the Brazilian sex appeal consists of an harmonized set of natural boobies and well done buttocks. If the woman has a beautiful face, besides this, she will be very wished. For me, I love all women and each one is a fascinating mysterious creature that deserves my attention. Sometimes, this is a trouble, as i am only one and physically cannot occupy the same place at the same time. What a pity!

I heard that Hollywood actress and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé are getting buttock enhancements – lifted, sculpted, or augmented –, mirroring on Brazilian women popularity. Particularly, I prefer the American women, without any implants on their boobies or butt, because they’re very beautiful, in general, with all beauty that God graciously gave to them.

Mrs Moonlight – Holly Kirby

Dear Holly, maybe magic tricks were the rare things you didn’t know to do yet, till make this wonderful video. Now you’re complete, working as magician and play your songs in background. I liked both sides, but sure you don’t need any magic to get better than you are, perfect in everything you create. Any way, it always will be a great satisfaction hear your voice and appreciate your original songs, in fact great piece of artwork.

Jurney – Paulina & Tasha

Hey Paulina and Tasha, where did you find so great insight? The song is a real piece of magic, so wonderful it is. You could practice all range of your creativity in this new job. The melody’s perfect for your voice. I like the lyrics, arrangements and interpretation too. I know you worked so hard, but much talent is needed to produce so impressing result.

Love the Way You Lie – Helena and Maria (cover)

Sweet sisters Helena and Maria, this is one of my favorites Rihanna’s songs. Your version with piano and guitar is fantastic. You both are great musicians and it’s so good to hear you singing together. Just one would be enough, imagine may two at the same time giving us the opportunity to take part in your party. Thanks Youtube, that allows things like this happen.

Banana Republic Murder – Byron Gore

Hi Byron, this is the first time I saw your video, sent to me by Sis, owner of the sistermoonshine13 channel. She shares only amazing artists. Good music is made to be appreciated by who likes to feel better with sound. Listening yours, it’s only possible to enjoy, as you have talent and produce original songs.

Greetings from Brazil,

Ritacos, on April 3rd, 2011.


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