All Hail Men in Blue, Revelry on Mumbai Streets

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By 10.40pm, though Sachin Tendulkar had missed the feat, India had won the cup and the crowds went ecstatic both at the Wankhede stadium and outside.

Model-actress Lisa Ray who knows a thing about fighting battles said, “It was awesome energy and a great view from our box seats when India lifted the World Cup.” A sentiment echoed by actor Vivek Oberoi who told DNA, “A billion hearts were beating as one today. The boys in blue have made India proud.”

And it is not that only tinsel town was going crazy. An excited Deepa Suryawanshi a bank employee who had come all the way from Nerul to catch the action with her husband and sister-in-law sounded hoarse from all the screaming. “When things looked like they could go either way for India, I was tense and anxious,” she said, and added, “This is my first experience of watching a big game live like this. I am so happy that our team had made it worth my while,” before her voice was drowned out by the deafening India refrain, ‘Indiayaa, Indiayyah’, in the background.

Others like Hariharan Iyengar, a BPO employee, insisted they were sure all along that India would make it. We asked him why and he laughed, “It is written, you see. After all the Gods cannot be so unkind.” His friend and colleague Swapnil Ponkshe said, “For me the big one was on Wednesday. I think the cliff-hanger moments must’ve been added to give the Sri Lankans a little something to feel good about.” This 21-year-old bachelor said he now has “something to tell his grandchildren about.”

Outside the stadium, the city was going delirious. Impromptu motorcycle rallies by overjoyed youth waving huge tricolours competed with the array of multi-coloured fireworks which lit up Mumbai skies as a joy wave hit the city. Vinod Jadhav, a resident of Dindoshi in Goregaon said he is proud that his society had put up a banner saying ‘Dhoni ko kaun taal sakta hai’ on Wednesday night. “It was lucky for us as we won.”

In Chembur, where lawyer Sandesh Shukla watched the match with his friends, the mood was celebratory. He said, “I had heard of the 1983 World Cup finals and the excitement around it. It’s amazing to be part of a World Cup win. “

Actor Neha Dhupia found a 1983 connection in Saturday’s win. “How uncanny! The last time India picked up the World Cup, it was a Saturday. And today was no exception,” she squealed. Actor Aftab Shivdasani felt words failed him as she saw what was happening. “Finally, the World Cup comes home! What a cracker of a game it was!”

Deepika Aggarwal, a teacher who watched the match with her cousins said, “We won the most deserving cup. It’s the most splendid performance. Throughout the match, I had no doubt that we would win the match.”

Madhuri Sen, a communication consultant, who was watching the match with her friends at Bandra, said, “My voice has cracked.
I jumped when we won. I think I broke something. It’s a historical


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