Cancer Support, Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing

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The Cancer Healing Process is accelerated when Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Natural Healing and Alternative Healing Methods are added to traditional medical processes..

While Cancer is addressed by all manner of allopathic medical care, there are many tortured by the disease who are as equally battered by the therapies prescribed for their care. The diagnosis of Cancer strikes fear in to the hearts of all men and women.

Many diagnosed patients seek the Natural Healing options mentioned along with the traditional medical protocols. Integrative Medicine is a new practice that has evolved to connect the practices of Allopathic medical and alternative healers.

The physicians of today do not have the time that the doctors of yesteryears did. The personal touch today is very abbreviated.

The Alternative practitioners fill the human touch void developed over the years and they do it quite well.

A cancer diagnosis can be turned in to an opportunity to reassess and reevaluate one’s life so that they find a new balanced perspective in which to work towards new goals in all matters. By taking a good balanced perspective of their personal needs and the needs of all concerned, they can prepare their efforts in patterns that are kind and productive. While the temptation is strong to want to lash out at the unfairness of it all, the reality is that one is where one is. The situation will only shift when it is dealt with and positive outcomes will only grow from the seeds of positive thought and actions. Thinking positive is recommended.

The support of all who approach disease and life positively take the time to invite Creator in to their lives at a deep level. The trips to the doctors can be very draining but if you take God with you, the time will seem less. A simple prayer before a Dr. visit and a prayer of thanksgiving after a doctor’s visit will make a tremendous difference in your ability to handle your situation. My forte is the spiritual support for all concerned and I encourage you to visit my webpages for peaceful ideas and comfort..
You can do all things with God who strengthens you. May all who read this be blessed AND SO IT IS!


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