Tricks to Motivate You to Lose Weight

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Weakening is a complex and lengthy process, where you have to rely on enthusiasm, patience and willpower. On the first day of diet, for example, you feel great and ready for great things, which means that your motivation is the maximum rate and, indeed, if you have the same mood throughout the entire system, you lose as you blink.

So how can you maintain motivation throughout the entire process of losing weight? What can you do to keep your will to follow a well-designed weight loss plan and healthy, balanced diet that includes a sports and more? I intend to find together!

1. Set your goals both short and long term
It is very important to know where you are going and how fast you reach your goal, you will keep that so little motivation and a failure will not bring down.
A concrete example: suppose you want to lose 5 kilograms. Keep your head on your shoulders and do not propose to get rid of them in two weeks, since a goal is unrealistic. Rather, we propose you to lose five kilograms in two months – it is long-term goal.
In the short term, should lose around 700-800 g per week, which is a feasible goal and healthy as possible. The fact that you reach your goals will keep motivation.

2. View what you want
It creates an ideal image of what you want and keep it always in mind. Maybe it’s a lean body or a beautifully sculpted abdomen – is essential to never forget that all your efforts are heading towards that direction. In this way, you understand why you coach “torture” at the gym is a friend, not your enemy, because he will make a contribution to achieving your goal.
In the moments when you feel is most difficult to keep afloat in May in terms of food or sport, reading body that you want to have and do everything you can to the gain.

3. Remember that the choice is yours
Want to eat a whole chocolate and let the pounds to accumulate? Or would you prefer to look great, to have skin firm and supple muscles as you want for so long? The choice is yours entirely! No one will always stand with you to guide you, so you have full responsibility for the success or failure in the process of losing weight.
As long as you are lucid and realize these things, you will be less prone to culinary excess – or, if you do, all you will need to get off twice as much working in the gym.

4. It’s your excuses
A repeat all the great coaches, nutritionists and wellness experts: There “may” only “do not want.” If you think you’re so busy that it’s impossible to get to the gym, know that most people who go to evening aerobics classes have just finished working a full-time program, and some of them and children. If you feel constantly tired and without, know that one of the reasons is the lack of exercise, and unhealthy eating. Let the excuses aside and organize your time better!

5. Control your negative thoughts
If you feel you can not do a half hour of aerobics, then surely you will not be able, as you prepare your brain for a failure. Negative thoughts should be undone because they are obstacles in the way of achieving goals that you have – such as weight loss. Replace them with positive affirmations such as “I can do whatever I propose” or “I feel great in my skin” and try to get rid of negative thoughts influence the activities enjoyable and relaxing.


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