How Do Celibates Celebrate?

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How do these people managed to live in such an unpleasant situation? Priests are normal people. They feel what an ordinary guy in the street feels. As human beings with normal biological system, it is somewhat unimaginable how these people were able to combat loneliness associated with being lonesome.

That’s why we have heard of priests accused of sexual harassment and I think the society should understand them because could you imagine living alone with only a prayer book found in the bedside? Other priests don’t even have television set inside their rooms.

Seriously speaking, how do these people celebrate? Celebrate what? Ah, don’t get me wrong, folks. What I really mean is how they are able to keep themselves to remain in the state of chastity. How were they able to perform their religious duties, such as saying the Holy Eucharist and administering parochial functions in an absolute divinity?

 I know what it takes to be a priest. I have been a seminarian once in my life and I know the travails of one who is aspiring to live an ordained life. Priests are no ordinary males insofar as self-control is concerned. They are experienced and trained to be strong-willed individuals just like how those military people disciplined themselves inside military training institutions.

When they get out of the seminary and begin to perform their priestly duties, they have nothing in mind except to serve the Lord who called them to their vocations. Of course, not all teeners could become seminarians and not all seminarians could become priests. Our batch had a number of 65 seminarians, but only two were ordained.

Unfortunately, there are still some priests who do not live according to the standard of life set for them. Others fell into temptation. In every institution there are always bad eggs, so to speak. Even in the military where discipline is quite above normal, scalawags abound. But, we should not be too harsh in our conclusion that the institutions where these people belong are weak and inutile in imposing disciplinary measures.

The most invincible armaments of celibates in fighting the temptations associated with celibacy are, among others, Rosary, Breviary, and Crucifix. These are their intimate companions inside their rooms. When the idea of sex enters into their subconscious, they just pick up a rosary, light a candle, and kneel down before a Crucifix. That’s how they celebrate their lonely evenings. 


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