Solution to Depression

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Years back, I used to get depressed a lot.

On some of such days, I had to pass through the backward slums of the city in which I was living. Interestingly, as I passed out of such a place, my pessimistic thoughts were eliminated and in a few minutes, I used to think in the opposite direction.

What happens is that when we find that life is not going according to our plans and desires, or when we lose something special, we get angry. We want to change the situation but if we are unable to make things better even after struggle, we get frustrated and depressed.

In such a situation, if we get a chance to imagine about the people that even don’t have what we have achieved, the problem gets solved. If imagining is difficult, it is better to visit a place where you can look at the children that don’t have complete dresses and are playing in scorching sunlight, people living in the houses with half broken walls and doors that couldn’t be mended due to unavailability of funds, the laborers that are working on the roads, people that are living from hands to mouths and women that have to work in houses of others. On such a visit, just for a few moments put yourself at their place and imagine. A very good way to get the most out of this situation is to use EMPATHY. If you will be able to do this, you will find that your life is really very easy and luxurious compared to their lives.

It is not necessary to go far away for this task. You can imagine by putting yourself at the place of someone that is working in your own house. You’ll feel the difference.

The core of this experiment is to change the way you are thinking. If you are already depressed due to poverty in the society, try to get indulged in some helpful activity no matter how small it might be. Remember, getting frustrated would NEVER solve any problem. You have to DO something to get out of the problem.


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