Become One Again With Your “i AM Presence”.

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“I AM Presence” and the Divine Law of Your Being

Do you believe humanity has entered an Era of Freedom and that you personally will come to experience this freedom without any effort on your part? Do you believe that you will have your eternal freedom without your effort, self-control and application of God’s Law? Of course not. This would be impossible and not in alignment with your purpose of being! “I AM” simply means “God in Action in me”.

“I AM Presence” is being present to God’s action in and through me. Each and every person, through their “I AM Presence” must call, apply and prove the Law for him or herself to attain eternal freedom from all human limitation and discord. It isn’t that an Ascended Master couldn’t do it with just a wave of the hand or your own “I AM Presence” couldn’t just manifest total perfection through you instantly. As a matter of fact this is how it will come about for you. You will be assisted by Ascended Masters, Cosmic Beings, the Angelic Kingdom and your “I AM Presence” to manifest all perfection through you.

It is the Divine Law of your being that has compelled you to gain and attain your freedom through your own personal life, energy, and application. It is set up to be a conscious action and application on your part by calling to your “I AM Presence” silencing the human personality and concepts, consuming the energy you have misqualified with your misuse of thought and feeling and calling forth by your own attention, thought, feeling and word the perfection and freedom of the Infinite and All-powerful being you truly are. This is the process for freeing your self from this dense, limited, human form you’ve created with the misuse of thought and feeling and why you get to love it all free and glorify the perfection you really are. You wouldn’t be able to experience Victory if it was done for you and what would be the point?

Your “I AM Presence” and The Ascended Ones stand ready to support, help and serve you and are doing so according to Infinite Intelligence and what the law of your being will permit.
Yes, you will and must have assistance from the Ascended Masters to raise your body and world into the infinite light of your “I AM Presence” through the process of the Ascension. The Ascension is the goal of every man, woman and child. It is your purpose and highest form of expression for your being that you can begin to comprehend and understand in your present consciousness. You have been given the gift of the Violet Consuming Flame and the understanding of your “I AM Presence” and the Ascended Masters.

You have been given the instruction and even the applications of the Law of your Life to glorify and raise your being into the Ascended Master Christ Presence that you truly are and the true image you were created in. This is your birthright and purpose for being. To glorify your being in its God Perfection is the greatest glory that Life has for you and it is infinite and ever-expanding beyond all human comprehension. To live beyond all human concepts and limitations as an Ascended God Free Being one with your Mighty “I AM Presence” is far more tangible, perfect and glorious than anything you or I can comprehend at this point and is attainable by you and me in this very moment.

Know this my dear brother or sister, if you are reading these words right now your eternal freedom is closer than you might realize, suspect or understand. It is who you really are and available to you in every instant, right now and forever. Now again do you think that one day just by happenstance your being and world will automatically be Ascended and Free without your conscious application, full attention and desire? Oh yes, the Earth and all thereon will experience the Golden Age of God Perfection and be raised by the Ascension into this Light and Perfection and it will come with each man and woman’s desire, obedience and application of the Law of their Life. This is called “The Awakening Entering the Era of Freedom”.

You are reading this now and have read this far because the desire and awakening is activated within you by the Mighty Elohim, the magnificent builders of all form. By your sincere application and call to the Sacred Heart of Life will all humanity once again awaken to this desire and return for all eternity into the God Free Beings they truly are. Through your own activity, and application of the Law all of humanity awakens more and more to the truth of their being.
The point of Life is the Ascension into the Light, to consciously become one again with your “I AM Presence”.
This is the father. To come together whole again is the full restoration of integrity and the reason you must make a conscious effort to self-correct and apply the Law for yourself. If you didn’t you could never sustain it. No Ascended Master will integrate you with your personal God Presence. This is the dictate of your own Life. It is your own God Self that you are integrating with and this is the experience and expression of Oneness! God Bless You!

My name is Robert Charles Stewart and I am the author of a new and very powerful book titled The Awakening | Entering the Era of Freedom. It is a guide to help humanity’s awakening to their “I AM Presence”. It is about the Law of Life and how to use your “I AM Presence” to attain your Eternal Victory over all human limitations. It is the wisdom from the ancient ages that all masters have used to gain their eternal freedom. The message that came through me in this book is a clear understanding of God’s Law, the law of your “I AM Presence” or the Law of Life and what some call the law of attraction. It is governing love, wisdom and power in life. But you are not left with just the understanding you are also given the precise and infallible instruction and application of the Law of your own “I AM Presence”. It is all for your own personal freedom in this Life.

To learn more about your “I AM Presence” and “The Awakening Entering the Era of Freedom”
just go to our website and get your copy of “The Awakening Entering the Era of Freedom” as my Gift. Check us out on facebook just search Era Of Freedom .
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. I pray you enjoy reading the books. Mostly I hope you enjoy the process or journey the book will take you on if you allow yourself go with it. Keep in mind, Joy is the essence of who you are, so to be en-joy is your natural essence. You will also come to know through this journey that YOU dear reader are making all of this up. And please share the website and books with others. The Era of Freedom is an inquiry about the law of life in this new age we are entering and we all will eventually come into alignment with our “I AM Presence” and be obedient to to it.


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