How Does God Grant Our Petitions?

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What is the truth regarding petitions? Is it right to say that God does not really listen to us in prayers, or that God considers us hard-headed every time we ask help from Him?

We were made to understand that in making petitions, there is somewhat a kind of formula to be followed. This, however, is still not a guarantee that our prayers are indeed granted. But at least, it pays to do things correctly. Personally, I would like to believe it because even in human dimensions, I see this procedure as very normal and there is nothing wrong if somehow we follow what has been taught us because these people after all are authorities insofar as religious matters are concerned.

The formula for a good prayer as found in religious books talks about thanksgiving, praising, asking forgiveness, and, finally, making petitions. How do we thank God? God does not require from us poetic words in thanking Him. A simple “thank you” is sufficient. Your blood father would be very happy to hear you giving him thanks for all the goodness he has done for you.

Praising God is not very difficult to do. A very simple statement like “I praise you, Almighty Father for all the wonderful things on earth.” Do you think God will not acknowledge it? Our parents would be very satisfied to hear words of praise for their being good parents.

We get to acknowledge also the different forms of transgressions we commit against His goodness and great love for us. We have to ask God to forgive us since we are weak to resist temptations. God will understand that.

After all those things mentioned above, we can now proceed to ask God for His mercy to grant us our needs. NEEDS not WANTS. I remember the words of a certain bishop saying, “If God will give all the people what they want, heaven will go bankrupt.” We have plenty of wants, but we do not need them all actually.

When we ask God for something, what we receive might not exactly be the one we were asking for. The exact narration I heard from that bishop I am referring to above is, “If God will give all the people what they want, heaven will go bankrupt. If you ask God for wisdom, He will give you problems; if you ask Him for money, He will give you work.” I agree with that bishop. By solving a problem, we become wise. God gave us everything already and we are free to use them the way we wanted for our goodness and welfare.

I hope this article in any way contributes something to a better understanding on this issue. God loves us and He doesn’t want to see us gloomy or problematic. If we think that our petitions fell on deaf ears, we should not jump into conclusion right away that God ignores us already and wants us to suffer because He is angry. We should also remember that God acts in His own time. We should not interfere with His timing. But one thing is sure: All petitions are granted, but our detection faculties just seem to be not working well.


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