My Unusual Writing Style

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With all honesty, I would like to tell you that writing is not really my profession; it’s only my ambition, not since my childhood, but in my later years in life—when I turned senior citizen three years ago. I wanted to engage in this challenging field inasmuch as this is the only activity I know in getting some monetary benefits from the wide, wide world of internet. And to think that I have never had any writing experience whatsoever since I am a technical person connected with the woodworks industry, I would think twice whether to participate in this arena or not. It took me many nights to think over if I should pursue my aspirations or I should just sleep and forget about it.

My interest in this writing career entered into my mind by accident. I really had no intention in writing for money because my only purpose in surfing the web is to look for clients to whom I could offer our services through e-mails. In my constant browsing, I have been annoyed by the different ads I saw in the side bar, promoting writing opportunities. Still, it did not fuel my interest because my mind was focused on fishing clients.

There was one article I read written by a non-native English speaker. He said that you don’t have to be a born writer to make money from writing online. In that article, he exposed everything how did he start it all including his earnings. That article somewhat grabbed my interest. Why not, I asked myself. If a non-native English speaker is writing online and earns in the process, maybe I could also do it. So, I started to think of what are the topics that I should write? How should I start? I know nothing about writing.

You know, I am a church worker in our parish and I always get an assignment to give reflections on the Gospel. I know that I have the ability to express myself and the task assigned to me by our church leaders, but it’s on the vernacular (Tagalog or Pilipino language.) since the audience inside the church is composed of lay parishioners.

I prefer to have this title because I know that the style I am adopting in writing my articles is quite unusual. How? Because I would write first my articles in our language, which is Pilipino, and then translate them into English because no editor would ever accept an article written in other languages. English is the only acceptable language because of its universality.

It is very difficult for a non-native English speaker like me to write directly in the English language lest I would not be able to make an article worth reading. By writing first the article in Pilipino, it would be easier already to translate everything to English with the aid of online dictionaries. I am using a WordWeb dictionary that I downloaded when I started writing online. I am really desiring to reach my goal of writing five articles minimum daily, but because of my style, that dream will never come true.

The advantage of the native English speakers over us is that they never face a difficulty in composing articles. Similarly, if we write articles in our own language, writing would be just as easy as drinking juice. My problem now is how to get out from this career because I am getting interested with it already. I am feeling a sense of incompleteness if I fail to make at least two articles daily. I just want to write on every topic that comes across. While before, I was problematic in thinking for topics, it seems to be automatic now. Even without thinking hardly for them, ideas keep coming even when I am already in bed. But, as I said, I do it in my own unusual way.


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