Proven Ways to Earn Online

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Proven ways to earn online

We should all admit that recession can leave us empty handed in no time. That is why there is a need for us to have some alternative sources of income. We never know what will happen the next month or even tomorrow that can affect the industry where we work at and might cause us to lose our job. This is not something we should take lightly because although these are only possibilities, knowing that it can happen sooner or later is a big threat.

This is the main reason why several individuals are doing their best to know some effective ways on how to earn online. You definitely saw those Google ads saying that the company paid them a hundred dollars an hour. But sad to say, it’s too good to be real. I can assure you that I have tried one of those methods and it seems to be some sort of a scam. However, you can dare to try it out, but in my opinion those methods are only for experts when it comes to internet marketing. For us who are just starting to have a glimpse on this industry, it’s a no.

Here are some ways to earn online that I can personally attest that works.

1.       Online Jobs

This is the best way to earn online. I made $1000 dollars in a month by having some online projects. Although it might not that good for others who are expecting a boom in finances with online ventures but the earnings I got was well enough for me considering that I was saved from transportation, extra meals, and leisure expenses because I’m just working at home. If you are searching for an easy way, this is not what you are looking for. I am working like in a real office. I work about eight hours a day but some naps and coffee breaks are in between.

2.       File uploading

I can assure you that this thing really works. If you have a good movie collection, some interesting games and anything under the sun that might interest others to download them, this money-making method is your game. All you need to do is to search for a reliable site that offers this kind of service. Afterwards, register, upload your cool and interesting files and you’re good to go. However, it will not end there. You should let the world know that you have such files in your hood. Join some forums which can help you promote your files. If you uploaded a certain game, get yourself in a gaming forum and start promoting there. It is not a matter of numbers but on how relevant your audience is to what services or products you are offering. This is a site that I personally like. I was able to make $700 dollars a month by just uploading with the help of this site.

3.       Affiliates

I am not too convinced about this method but it is worth mentioning because I have known some that is earning from this method. There are several companies out there that are willing to pay just for their products and services be advertised. Furthermore, Google which is also known for its search engine do affiliate services where you can be their partner in advertising. The drawback about this method is that Google is very strict with regards to creating an account. On the other hand, there are some other sites out there that offer the same services for you to choose from. A great example is Chikita.

I know there are even more ways out there. But the ones I mentioned were things I tried and proven to work. If it happens that I get a new idea. I’ll gladly post it up or update this article. Or why don’t you do the exploring? Who knows, you might find the pot of gold I’ve been searching for quite some time now. Try this site as well.


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