Did Adam Really Love Eve?

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The Bible account of creation taught us that Adam was the first man created by God out of clay. God was so happy upon seeing His first human prototype. But, God observed Adam in great dissatisfaction. The Garden of Eden with all its splendor failed to give Adam the happiness he may have been looking for. So, God thought that maybe because he was alone, so He let Adam slept and made His first surgical operation, and, lo and behold, a really beautiful woman came into being. That was the first time that God saw Adam smiling.

Days went by for the first couple. They roamed around the Garden, witnessed the natural beauty of Eden will all its fruit trees, rivers, and everything enveloping them and they were excited. But, God warned them not to eat the fruit of a tree located in the center of the Garden because they will die.

One day, Eve returned home after strolling around and handed Adam the forbidden fruit. Adam was reluctant at first because he recalled the warning of God not to eat it. Since Eve was insistent, Adam accepted the fruit from Eve and started eating. Upon hearing the heavy footsteps of God, Adam was frightened and was not able to swallow completely the fruit. Hence, our Adam’s Apple.

To make the story short, when God questioned Adam why he violated His warning, Adam pointed at Eve as the culprit, hoping that he will be exonerated at the expense of the woman he “loves.” The rest is history.

Was Adam right with his defense?

If I were Adam, I will not ever mention that it was Eve who gave me the fruit. I will just tell God that, “Oh, forgive me, Lord, because you know when I looked at the fruit, I could not just contain my cravings to eat it. Please, forgive me Lord.” And God may answer to me, “Adam, it is not the truth. Your wife gave it to you, isn’t it?” And I will answer Him, “ Hahaha, yes, Lord, that’s the truth. But because I really loved the most beautiful creature that you gave me, I don’t want her to suffer the punishment that you might mete to her. I love her very much Lord and I would be very unhappy to see her in that mood. Now that you know already everything, I am willing to accept the punishment meant for her. I am stronger than her and I have the ability to tackle all the severe punishments that you may wish to give me. Please spare her.”

Look, folks, God is loving and understanding. He loves us and He doesn’t want us to be in a state of sorrow. Had Adam told God of his great love to Eve, God might have forgiven them on account of Adam’s manifestation of his unconditional love for Eve. God might have told Adam, “Okay, you know, I am glad that you gave importance to what I’ve done. Your love for her is so great and because I love people who love their fellow creature, I forgive both of you. Go out to the world and multiply.”

We have still plenty of Adams in our midst today. We have around us people who just don’t care about giving importance to their partners in life. If you truly love a person, you have to do to him all the goodness in life even to the extent that you lay your life for him, like Jesus Christ.


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