Tol Barad Defensive Strategy

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Tol Barad is meant for offense, so while playing defense it can get pretty irritating. This strategyy will make it so defense isn’t irritating, because you will be winning! All you need to do is follow this strategy, and get your Tol Barad team to follow it.

So first, you need to spread out and defend the bases for as long as you can. Once a base has been captured, tell your whole group to go after that base, leaving only a few defenders as stallers. The attacking team will have left that base that they captureed to try to capture the next one, leaving it vulnerable for a zerg attack. By the time you capture that base, it will be likely that the attacking team has captured the base that they moved on to. You will have your group go behind them and zerg the base they just captured. Follow this pattern a few times. After doing this pattern a couple of times, the attacking team will start to catch on and will start countering your zergs. This is when you need to switch directions and go for a different base, rather then capturing the one the attacking team just got. This way you will leave a bunch of attacking defenders waiting for your team at the base they just captured, but your team won’t show up because they will be capturing another base, or stalling the enemy from capturing the base they are after. Then, you can start to zerg capture the enemies bases again. Follow this pattern, but if your team becomes predictable then you will lose. This tactic takes strategy but when done right will win almost every time. Try to keep your team together because fighting as one giant force is much more efficient then having a bunch of small forces wipe time after time against the enemy’s massive attacking force. Try this strategy out and see for yourself how well it works. I would reccomend exlpaining the strategy at the start of the fight so everyone knows what they are suppose to do. If people don’t listen, this strategy won’t work so make sure you are nice about telling people this strategy. Calling people “noobs” and “retards” will not get people to trust in your leadership.

~ Shadowseaker

Server: Mannoroth (Horde)


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