Why Do People Steal And How to Prevent Them

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Reasons why people resort to getting properties not theirs

The bottom line why people steal is money. There could be no other logical explanation. But, the considerations that we should try to look into deeply are the motivations that led our brothers to steal. I cannot imagine that because of food alone, people will resort to stealing that even results to murder or massacre.

Stealing done by an ordinary mischief because of his urge to eat candy, but his mother does not give him money is not so alarming although it is also not good, especially for a youngster. What we are trying to discuss here are stealing in larger scale involving millions, which sometimes becomes already a crime of economic sabotage.

People are becoming greedy

People steal because of their insatiability. It is the craving for possessing great amounts of money that motivates them to steal, even after they have already gotten so much. Their dissatisfaction to what they are in possession triggers their desires to get more. These people believe that money is their passport to experience heaven. Because of money, they got plenty of “friends” and can influence people. According to  them,“MONEY TALKS.”

Isn’t it that even our Lord Jesus was betrayed because of money? Is Judas no longer around us? I don’t think so. His presence is still strongly felt. People live in a wrong notion that only money could deliver them happiness. They just ignore the thought that real happiness could be achieved by doing good to others. Money is not all that matters.

Don’t give people the opportunity to steal

If you are a businessman, you must employ some measures in order to preclude stealing within your establishment. Do not give your employees the chance to ruin your business through stealing. In most cases, stealing thrives because of the laxity of the management in laying out solutions to avert stealing.

Improve your accounting system

One way to eliminate stealing in the office is to improve the accounting systems and procedures. Regular audits should be made because weak control begets temptation to steal. But if the accounting staff knows that they could be caught because of the internal audits conducted frequently, nobody will attempt to steal. In some countries, such as Singapore, steal is non-prevalent because of internal auditing control.

Motivate your employees

Another way to avoid the proliferation of stealing within the organization is to let employees feel that the management is evaluating their performances and gives recognition to their efforts. Employees will be motivated to work hard and will not think of stealing as they think that the management deserves to be respected.

Reshuffle your employees

Reshuffling is a good way to prevent frauds to happen. If an employee knows that he is not there to work his whole life on the same position, he will have no chance to think about working fraudulently because he will get caught by his co-employees who will continue with the job he is doing.

Improve hiring procedures

Some offices or companies are not so strict in their hiring of employees. Nepotism, Godfather, and protege system flourishes. When the manager is the Godfather of his employee, getting promoted becomes easy. It is not bad to promote an employee, provided he has all the qualifications. But the problem surfaces when the promoted employee is questionable in terms of qualifications and performance. But more than all these unholy alliances is the proliferation of frauds in the end. The best way to hire employees is to require entrance examinations so that only those really fitted for the positions are accepted.


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