Words Too Have Life

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         Words are not dead things. They are fairly wriggling with life. They are exciting and mysterious token of our thoughts, and like human being they are born, come to maturity, grow and die and are sometimes reborn in a new age, a word from its birth is a process and not static.

         Words like trees have roots, branches and leaves.

         The story of the root of a word is the story of its origin. The study of origin is called etymology, which in turn has its root in the Greek word etymon, meaning true or original. And Greek ending logia meaning Science or study. So etymology means science or study of true or original meanings.

         Every word in our language is a frozen metaphor, a frozen picture.

         What does the term calculate exactly mean. Years ago ancient Romans had an instrument hodometer or road measurer. Which corresponded to modern taximeter? If you hired a two-wheeled Roman vehicle to ride, say to the forum, you might have found in the back a tin can with a revolving cover that held a quantity of pebbles. This can was so contrived that each time a wheel turned, the metal covered also revolved, and a pebble dropped through a whole into the receptacle below. At the end of your trip you counted the pebbles and calculated the bill, so you see the Latin word pebbles was calculus and that’s where our word calculate comes from. You can look at the following words below:

Companion: One who eats bread with you? Cum: Latin word means’ with’ panion- means ‘bread’.

In army ‘Lieutenant’ – who takes the place of captain. In French ‘lieu’- in lieu of and tenor to hold.

Captain Latin word caput – head.

Colonel word comes from columna, the column that he leads.

Phonograph: writing by sound.

Photograph: writing by means of light.

Stenograph: Condensed writing.

Telegraph:    distant writing.

The word writing comes Greek word ‘Graphein’ – which means to write.

If we look into each word we will find that that it has it’s root somewhere hence we can find that it is living. It has never remained dead as other dead things 


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