Losing Weight Easily

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It’s a fact that the consumption of food in winters is much more than in summers to keep the body warm, but as the weather changes much concern is about how to have a flat stomach and reduced weight. Well no worries at all, only simple diet control may lead to a well maintained body, JUST IN WEEKS.

What To Do:

Take note of what you eat: First of all make a chart and take notes of the portion size of meal u take at three times a day. Second also list all the extra food you take apart from three basic meals.

Reduce the intake of portion: Now what you have to do is on Week 1 skip an item from your each of your meal eg if u take 3 bread slices with a fried egg then cut it down to 2 slices with a fried egg. Similarly reduce some portion if all of your meals. Taking the same path, on Week 2 reduce even further, you can change the breakfast menu from fried egg to boil or to wheat porridge what ever you like.

Keep in mind the main task to reduce weight easily and permanently, is to modify your eating habits with healthy food. Breakfast should be taken properly since more energy is needed in the morning to do all the tasks in a day. Lunch should be taken in a little controlled proportion and avoid all the fattening food ( I mean it stop ordering a burger for you lunch everyday). Dinner is very important for a person to stay healthy since it is the last meal of the day. Instead of eating heavily at night and then going to bed, it is better to take a light meal but full of energy such as pulses or boiled veggies etc. 

Also some habits as taking green tea after meals can help the food digest quickly (no wonder why most of the chinease are slim). Taking cold water or a carbonated drink solidifies the fat in food and thus takes much time in its digestion. A glass of milk a day can also help you in controlling your appetite.  So, in this summer, eat healthy and stay fit and look good. 


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