Blue-Colored Animals And Plants

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Blue Baby

A blue baby is born with a dusky blue skin because its blood lacks a normal amount of oxygen. This happens while the baby is being formed. A hole in a wall between chambers of the heart allows blood from the veins to mix with blood in the arteries. See the detailed explanation below how this takes place:

The heart is a muscular sac divided into four chambers continually contracting and relaxing to serve as a pump. The upper right and left chambers and also the lower right and left chambers are separated from each other by a wall called septum. If there is a defect or a hole in the septum separating the chambers, there will be a mixing of the venous blood with the arterial blood. When this happens, some of the venous blood, or blue blood, is going to be pumped through the body instead of the red blood containing the oxygen that the body needs. These defects can occur either through the upper or the lower chambers. Such openings normally close up at birth. This condition can be repaired only by surgical operation. It is a very intricate procedure, requiring specialists in heart surgery and machines which will keep the blood circulating with a supply of oxygen while the hole is being repaired.

Blue jay

Blue jays are found in central and eastern North America all year round. There are western jays, too, with slightly darker or duller coloring. Jays nest almost anywhere there are tall trees. They build nests of twigs and rootlets, high in trees, and lay dark greenish eggs spotted with brown. They eat mostly nuts, grain, and insects.

The brightly colored blue jay is one of the most common birds. It is alert, quick and noisy. Blue jays have to protect themselves more than other birds because of their coloring. They are bright blue with black bands and touches of white. The blue jay has a loud scream, but it can also sing a sweet warbled note, sometimes copying the notes of other birds. It is a large bird, eleven to twelve and a half inches from the top of its crested head to its tail.


Bluebell is a wild flower with bell-shaped flowers that droop from long stems. It has long stem leaves and rounded ones at the base.


The blueberry is a shrub with shiny dark blue or black fruit. It is a good food that man gathers from bushes growing wild or in a garden. The berries are most often used in pies and muffins.

In May or June, the blueberry bush is covered with drooping clusters of little white or pink flowers. In the summer, each bud group produces a cluster of berries. Blueberries ripen from July through August on six to eight feet high bushes. The handsome bushes grow best in a sandy, moist soil, with much sun. New plants are grown by cutting branches from year old bushes.

Robins, thrushes, quails, and ruffed grouse are attracted all summer to the shiny berries. In autumn the leaves on the bushes turn to deep rose or purplish-red.

It has only been in recent years that the wild blueberry has been grown for selling. North Carolina, New Jersey, and Michigan are some of the states that have developed blueberry growing into an important agricultural industry.


The bluebird is one of the first birds to arrive in the Northern United States in spring. It often migrates north as early as March. Its song is low and its call is a short “cheerio.” The male bird is blue on its upper side and has a reddish-brown breast. The female and babies are grayer in color. It is mainly an insect eater, although it enjoys some wild fruits and berries.

Bluebirds are usually seen in pairs. They like to nest in old pastures or woodlands, in abandoned holes in trees. They will also build their dried-grass nests in boxes of the right size and height. The female usually chooses a new mate for each brood.

The eastern bluebird is one of the most abundant songbirds. Its winter migration takes it only to the southern United States. There is also amountain bluebird whose range is from the western U.S. mountains to Mexico. This western cousin has a bluish-white rather than a ruddy chest.


The bluefish is a middle-sized food fish found all through the Atlantic Ocean. They average about five pounds in weight but are sometimes much larger. The bluefish travel i schools and eat smaller fish.


The bluegill is a kind of sunfish. It is perhaps the most popular fresh-water fish in North America. The bluegill is dark above and pale greenish and bluish on the sides and belly. During the breeding season, the male has a bright red breast. Its maximum length is about 12 inches, but they normally are about six to eight inches long. This fish has a rather small mouth. Its food consists mainly of insects, plant material, snails, and leeches.


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