Drinking of Water on Empty Stomach is Harmful

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Humans are the only beings who can think because they have “Brain” & “Mind”. Since ancient time, humans are researching on health hazards, illness, and various diseases.

In texts of ayurveda there is a phrase which means, only wise persons will follow & gives high respect to “Ayurveda’s Advises” to obtain a healthy life which will help them to attain enlightenment the longing of every human being. Here is the first advice which will definitely bring healthiness in your life.

           At early morning do not drink water on empty stomach. It may lead to indigestion of water. I have found that in the beginning it’s useful but as it converted into habit it become a curse to health of normal person. Habit of this activity causes common cold, flu, excessive thirst & frequent urge of urination, loss of appetite, heaviness of head, body, loss of interest in day to day activities, rheumatic joint pain.

            6 years before I have tried this on me & found that in the beginning it clears bowel naturally, feeling of lightness in body & stomach occurs. But as the days passes it disturbs the whole stomach activities. As we know for cooking, digestion of food, fire element is very important factor. Stomach is the area of body where digestion of food is performed. That’s why its temperature is always 1 degree C greater than whole body. When we drink water after awakening in morning this fire of stomach will extinguish which is just started to ignite. This results in loss of appetite which leads to indigestion. This indigested food is absorbed to fulfill the energy requirement of body. But as we know if fuel is not pure then it is harmful to engine health. Just like that this indigested food will not able to fulfill energy requirement, thus body unable to perform normal activities. This is signed by pain in body or in joints, heaviness in head & body, such like so many symptoms.

           Some person may experience alteration in hunger & thirst habits. So think wisely & try this for your good health.

           Good wishes to all of you. May you be healthy, happy, and peaceful.


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