Can Will Ferrell Fill Steve Carell's Shoes On The Office?

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Will Ferrell will start off the post-Michael Scott Office episodes as another manager, and like Michael Scott, he acts inappropriately and creates comedy to the show. This sounds promising, but I’m not convinced that it will work. Here’s why:

– Will Ferrell’s only preliminarily signed on for four episodes. While his character may go over well, we have no guarantee that he’s planning to stick around.

– Will Ferrell may be too much like Steve Carell. Yes, they have different acting styles, but they’re both funny guys. I’m not sure that Will will bring the much needed facelift that the show needs. I don’t mean this in an at all negative way towards Will Ferrell – he’s great! But from what the news articles are saying, his character fills Michael Scott’s shoes – he doesn’t create a whole new role for the show.

– Some people watched the show for Steve Carell. I’m not sure that those fans will remain interested after the changeover. Steve Carell was a major part of the show, and without him, the show won’t be the same.

– Steve Carell brought a very specific chemistry with the other characters to the show. He made people feel uncomfortable, and we might lose this discomfort when we lose Michael Scott.

On the other side of the argument, here’s why this might work:

– Will Ferrell can attract a new audience of his fans if he sticks around. People love his movies, so he might be able to attract a whole new group of people to The Office.

– NBC Thursday nights are changing, and the new shows may attract a demographic that will enjoy watching Will Ferrell on The Office. The upcoming Paul Reiser show looks like it’ll be funny, and new viewers might enjoy the Thursday lineup.

– Even if Will Ferrell doesn’t stick around on The Office, this change may revitalize the show. It may focus more on the ensemble, creating a new environment on the show. The Office has been more hit-and-miss lately than it used to be, so this change might revitalize it.

– Will Ferrell might play a character too much like Steve Carell’s. If we get a new actor, we want a new character – not a copy, despite the fact that he may be equally funny.

What will end up happening with The Office? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Will Ferrell can save the show, or the show might just have to say goodbye when the time is right.


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