How Long Will my Pictures Last? Columbus Photo Booth Rentals OH

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How long will my photo booth pictures last? Columbus Photo Booth Rentals Ohio

Chad and Sherry Zwayer of The Columbus Photo Booth Company, were recently interviewed by Gail Hogan of Daytime Columbus. The topic was “Great ideas for your Wedding Reception” here is an excerpt of the interview.

Gail: Once the bride and groom say “I do” and the reception is in full swing, a happy couple want to be involved in every moment of fun and celebration, but we’ve all been to weddings, and it’s impossible for the couple to be in all places at all times. That’s where pictures help capture the memories of the day. Well, my guests today have a unique way to add to the fun while collecting memories for a lifetime. Chad and Sherry Zwayer are with Columbus Photo Booth, here it is, a pleasure to have both of you here.

Gail: Chad, can I ask you what this is all about? A photo booth, is it like the old-day photo booths where we would go in, sit down, and have our picture taken?

Chad: We’ve kind of… we modified it to the times. Everything is digital. We use a dye sublimation print-up process which is very important because our photos will last 100 years. If you have your photo taken at like a mall photo booth, it will probably fade in 2-3 years, but we’ve also modified the booth, so it’s actually quite huge.

Gail: So you take this to wedding receptions?
Chad: Absolutely
Gail: Sherry is laughing, she said this is really fun for you to do isn’t it?
Sherry: It’s wonderful. It’s a lot of fun for everyone, all ages.

Columbus Photo Booths can be the life of your wedding reception. Every picture can last a lifetime. Memories of family members and old friends can be captured and enlarged to frame. You can even enlarge the pictures to an 11×14 print. And because the bride and groom get a copy of every picture taken at their reception so they can be in on all of the fun. There’s no greater joy for a bride than to know and see how much fun every guest had at their wedding.


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