Article Marketing Is Not Ppc, Its Freepc

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One of the most effective and well-known ways of driving targeted traffic to your website is through pay per click marketing, otherwise known as PPC.  The model for PPC advertising is really rather simple.  You pay a company, usually a search engine, to put contextual advertising on their website.  Every time somebody clicks on one of these ads and goes to your website it will cost you.  That is why it is known as pay per click, because you pay every time somebody clicks.  There is another method of getting targeted traffic to your website that I like to refer to as FreePC.  That can be found through the use of article marketing.

Article marketing is nothing new.  Online marketers have known of its effectiveness for many years, but now it has gone main stream.  Ever since the bum marketing method has come into play, article marketing has found favor in more and more webmasters eyes. They use it as a way to drive targeted traffic to their website, and it does a great job of doing just that.

Not only are visitors that come from articles targeted, they are generally a warm audience because of the article that they just read. That is why article marketing is able to provide you with a higher standard of website visitor than almost any other means of advertising. Not only that, but it is available for free to anyone that wants to use it.  How can you take advantage of article marketing in your Internet marketing efforts?

The best way to utilize article marketing is to start from the beginning. Articles that get found by the search engines are typically surrounding long tail keyword phrases. These keyword phrases are especially targeted to the type of traffic that you want at your website and since they are 3 or 4 words long they do not have as much competition. That is why articles typically rank rather high for these phrases which drive targeted traffic to the article and eventually to your website.

So if you want a way to test the waters in your niche there isn’t a better and more cost effective way then article marketing. It’s a great way to see if people in your niche are interested in browsing or buying. It can also be a lead in to more aggressive, paid marketing.


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