Could We Bred in Outer Space?

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The concept of sex in space was lively discussed. Moreover, if one day humans must leave Earth because it is not feasible to live, we still need to produce offspring. Even when we’re on the way to a new residence.

However, the extent to which opportunities to get a descent when humans have left this planet?

From research conducted a number of experts, it seems difficult to occur. Because the space itself is actually a very large system of contraception.

The results specifically about sex in space to conclude that cosmic radiation would bombard the human body with a large quantity during the trip in space. Also, living on Mars, for example, in a long time will reduce the number of sperm cells.

The fetus is already formed will not develop properly in the space environment. Although at this time in space transport aircraft has been equipped with better protective radiation, it still was not enough to protect the zygote to develop.

If the baby made it out of the womb, the baby’s chances of permanent disability caused by radiation is very large.

And the problem does not just stop there. From studies of animals sent into space, the impact of radiation can kill egg cells in the fetus. The baby will be born in a sterile condition. That is, it will be difficult for the human race evolved on the new planet will be.

According to Richard Jennings, a medical expert space asalh University of Texas, astronauts are proven to still be able to fertilize her partner after he returned to Earth. However, further research is necessary to accomplish the mission astronauts in space for longer periods of time.

From the technical side, there is still a challenge for people who want to fulfill their duties in space. Costume space today is pretty heavy and does not provide much convenience for sex. Unfortunately, people still need to use special clothing.

The reason, in the absence of gravity, dried or other liquid that comes out of the body can potentially damage the aircraft electronic devices. Moreover, coupled with the fact that humans are more sweating while in space.

Some experts cast the idea to make the ‘intimate space’ is filled with dots of cold water or scented oil in a spaceship for tourists who travel outside the Earth can increase their sex desire.

However, there was still another obstacle which has been prepared space. The mechanism of the human body does not allow that to happen. For information, micro-gravity or zero-gravity lower human blood pressure. As a result, male penis can not erect in full.

If people want to inhabit other planets, astronauts have to make massive changes in the spacecraft for future explorers could last longer in space and able to fulfill their natural duties.


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