Pink Floyd , The Missing $640,000 And Some Floyd Trivia

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Pink Floyd — the missing $640,000 dollars

Greetings pink Floyd fans, here is a first introduction of my pink Floyd stories, hope you enjoy.

Pink Floyd as you know are one of the great supergroups,of all time selling hundreds of millions of albums and playing to  a countless number of fans, well here is a little story about the time they played in soldiers field Chicago,

Before the concert started, roger waters went up to stand on the top of the stage to look at the huge audience of fans in front of him, Steve o rouke the pink Floyd manager said look at the crowd there is 63,000 fans out there, but roger knowing what a 63,000 crowd looked like said ,no way there is a lot more than that 80,,000 if not 100,000 fans ,I should know we have played to that many loads of times, so off he went back to check at the box office, yep 63,000 the box office confirmed, roger waters was having none of it , immediately went out and hired a helicopter, and some lawyers, and some professional photographer’s and flew over the crowds of adoring fans taking pictures of everybody from the air , and low and behold he was right , it turned out that in Chicago on that eventful night, there was a crowd of ninety five thousand fans, so where were the other 32,000 people or as roger waters, and the rest of the band would like to know the missing $640.000.

Pink Floyd – what other rock stars said.

Hi Floyd fans a few quote’s made by rock stars about the fantastic pink Floyd ,hope you enjoy.

Were a boogie band, we can’t all of a sudden do something like  the Floyd.—- john coghlan,ex status quo

We must have been the only band who said “yeah i like pink Floyd, my second concert was genesis.—jim kerr, simple minds

It’s is essentially rock,n,roll      the legand (roger waters)

You cant be a legand  till your in pink Floyd, led zeppelin or dead,–  joe Elliot, def leppard

I wish i had made dark side of the moon – phillip Oakley

There is always a wall as the great pink Floyd so eloquently put it –john hiatt, the three johns

Its disgusting that pink Floyd can sell millions of records and a genius like prince never gets the recognition he deserves ,– sioxsie and the banchies.

He reckoned we sound like pink Floyd ??? what’s wrong with that, dark side of the moon is a f*****k great record.—horse ,happy Monday’s.

Im convinced that at some point we are going to make a classic rock record,in the sense that it will sell for years like dark side of the moon ,or the wall or any Floyd album really.—wayne hussy ,lead singer , mish.

Marc bolan came to see peter jenner because he managed pink Floyd, and marc adored syd, he said if syd’s there then i want to be there too.

And last but not least ,,roger waters,, we all dream of being rock stars in our dingy flats and our ten quid guitars ,but the truth is once you have cracked it it’s all over.


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