Win His Heart Without Trying Too Hard

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Author of ‘You Lost Him at Hello’, Jess McCann tells how to close your love deal using simple sales techniques…

You met a cute guy at the bar and instantly hit it off with him. But after a week, the calls become infrequent and you start panicking. You wonder what went wrong and eventually blame him to be a pig head or a jerk. If this sounds similar, then read on as Jess Mc Cann lays down the war strategy for you.

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Jess McCann was chosen as one of America’s top entrepreneurs by Richard Branson on his reality show ‘The Rebel Billionaire‘.

As she learnt her lessons in the art of selling, she realised that the same techniques could be applied to ‘closing the deal’ with a man too.

Just like you wouldn’t hard sell, badger and drive away a customer, apply the same logic to the man.


 In the photo: The author Jess McCan with Virgin’s Richard Branson. Photo sourced from her official website.

If you are constantly being dumped by men, try her techniques:

Love your product: You can never hard sell if you don’t believe in your product; in this case it is you. Poor self image can be the first pitfall. Groom yourself, be confident, believe in yourself and you will rock.

The See factor: Just as you cannot wait forever for the customer to come to you. Jess recommends the SEE factor — smile, eye contact and energy. As hard it is to believe, guys are actually afraid of rejection and it’s hard for them to chat you up — give him the SEE and watch him do the hard work.

Too much attention: According to Jess, the irreversible mistake that women make is not acting indifferent enough in the first stages of dating. “If they are interested, they act TOO interested and give off TOO many signs that they want a relationship, even if they don’t know the guy very well yet. For example, if a guy calls, you are too eager to talk. If he doesn’t you call him up thinking that one call won’t hurt. Stay away from the phone if you want to take this relationship forward.

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Recognise buying signs: It is important to recognize the buying signs or you will end up chasing the wrong guy. The primary buying sign is interest. If he is interested in you, he will do anything to be with you.

Time Management: It is very important to end the meeting or date at the right time and even Cindrella knew that. This strategy is called Ending at a Height of Impulse when you leave him wanting for more.

Quoting the price: Just as you won’t quote a price before selling your product, don’t talk about marriage, kids on your first date. It is definitely a put-off.

Limited stock: What motivates a guy to marry? Fear of Loss. If he gets the feeling that you will be around no matter what, why will commit to you? Make him insecure so that he knows that good things come with a price.

Finally, the willpower: All these pointers won’t work if you don’t have the required will power to pull it off. Look at the long term goals.


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