Steps To Create A Mobile Website Utilizing WordPress Plug Ins

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Mobile phone devices. The future is here now. Everybody now seems to have a cell phone to gain access to the internet and more significantly they’re actually using it to find web sites online.

I would believe anybody would love to have a cellular optimized alternative of their blog/website however in the past that has turned out to be a daunting undertaking.

If you were not a professional website coder or if you didn’t have the funds to pay for a programmer to create a customized mobile solution for your needs then simply utilizing a cell phone web site or web log was not a priority.

That has pretty much all changed now, particularly for WordPress users. Nowadays there are many top quality plugins available for the open source blogging service, and the great thing is most of them are free.

The ‘how’ part is rather painless. By utilizing one of the plugins listed on the next paragraphs, you merely install and click a few buttons. You’ll then have a cell phone website!

I deal with a few widely used, high quality WordPress mobile plug ins here listed below that you can consider:

WP Touch

WPTouch is among the more popular WordPress smartphone plugins because it is already in use by many users. The great thing about WP Touch is that it’s very simple to set up and configure. All you have to do is upload the plugin, turn it on, then go through only one page of options to configure it how you like.

It looks excellent ‘right out of the box’ after you configure it, it’s possible to choose which pages you wish to display and you can now include advertising into it such as Google adsense so that you can monetize your smartphone site.

WP Touch is actually the mobile plugin that powers my web site,

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin

Wapple is a total option for WordPress mobile users. The big benefit of Wapple is definitely the range of choices that can be done to set up your mobile website. You can include a custom header and images and design and style your web site to look a great deal like your regular website.

The disadvantage is it requires a significant amount of time to set every thing up. I have used it, and to be truthful it can be a hassle. Nevertheless, I’m contemplating deploying it at some point once I have got more time and resources to spend on it. This is a quality plugin.

WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack is yet another quality plugin. I’ve merely tested it (never made use of it) however I know quite a few website owners who do utilize the plugin and adore it. The plugin is kept up to date routinely to help keep pace with bugs and WordPress program update versions and that’s absolutely essential in my opinion.

The only real evident stumbling block which I’ve been told is that the themes are tricky to customize unless you are savvy with that type of thing.

And so…

You cannot screw up utilizing any of the preceding plugins for getting your WordPress website mobile friendly. All of them function extremely well and each one have various weaknesses and strengths.

In addition there are many others on the website and that you may like to consider. They’re most certainly not the only plugins around so there might be another alternative that will be best for you.

In case you’re confused which one is right for your own objectives you should test all of them. They’re easy to ramp up and try out. The important thing here is to decide on one and get your mobile enhanced blog going. The future is here and the time is now.

Kenneth Holland is a Blogger and self-proclaimed ‘Internet Chieftain’ who helps businesses and individuals build a strong internet brand through the tutorialshow do you set up a blog, SEO, list building, social media and how to make a mobile website.


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