Many Killed IN Pre-Elections Violence

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The sight is gory and horrible, to say the least. Where is Nigeria drifting to, in this twenty-first century when everyone now thinks computer? Nigeria, and indeed Africa, is still stuck in elections mayhem, worse than the ones inherited from our founding fathers of the early sixties. Among the legacies inherited, which have never departed from our brains, even at this modern time, are brutal broad-day elections rigging, snatching of ballot boxes, physical combat at the houses of assembly and so on, and so forth. When will Nigerians learn that elections are not a “do or die affairs” as propounded by the ex-President Obasanjo’s philosophy and that under normal circumstances, in the world’s modern times, maiming, slaughtering and rigging elections at all costs is no longer fashionable or interesting? When will Nigerians indeed all Africans know that human life is very curious, a creation of God which must not be taken anyhow except such power is delegated by a constituted authority. Even at that, at the state’s courts of competent jurisdiction, or when a war is declared, the sanctity of human life must strictly be respected. Do not kill for fun if surrendering is possible, and you may only kill for self defense.

In Africa, life is very cheap. It can be brutalized and taken at every simple provocation. Otherwise, one cannot understand why politicians should order the slaughtering of fellow human beings, burning down houses, cars, and even perceived enemy’s goats and household property simply because they want to win an election. If eventually such heartless politicians are elected, would they rather rule over dead bodies or the living people, to who they had made so many unrealistic and unfulfillable promises? My heart bleeds when I think of the extent to which these desperate politicians can go. Just as I was meditating on the pre-elections mayhem, perpetrated in faraway Calabar, in Cross River state of Nigeria where massive willful burning down of cars of various grades and sizes, including tricycles, a well planned pre-elections mayhem was vigorously being carried out in parts of Lagos state of Nigeria. In Ogun and Oyo states of Nigeria, many lives have taken their premature exits without saying goodbye to loved ones, all in the name of “do or die” elections. The destructions done to property of various grades is better imagined than mentioned. Many souls have been prematurely dispatched to the great beyond. The story is the same in many northern states, with Plateau, Borno and Bauchi topping the list.

General elections in Nigeria are just a couple of days away, and hundreds of souls have untimely been forced out of this planet earth. Where are we heading to? Have we failed to learn from our past mistakes? Are we applying the state’s security gadgets effectively? Are the people perpetrating these pre-elections mayhem, spirits such that our security outfit cannot reach and get them to face the music? There are so many questions than answers. Where is Professor Jega, and indeed, President Jonathan’s sing-song, that they will ensure “violence free, fair and credible elections”? Would these spates of pre-elections violence, doting all over the country allow the so-called “free, fair and credible elections”? If these pre-elections violence are beclouding the atmosphere of peace in Nigeria, what will it be, during the elections proper?

President Jonathan is not still abreast with the true meaning of elections and how it is played in Nigeria. Ex-President Obasanjo does, judging from his philosophy of taking elections “as do or die affair”. Jonathan is a decent gentleman, a teacher who has found himself in the murky waters of politics. I shed my tears for him, especially each time I watch him say on the screen, “I have no enemies to fight.” That is an undiluted fact, spoken from a clearly innocent heart, the heart of a man who believes that the world is the way his mind perceives it. In as much as he has no enemy to fight; I hasten to tell him that he has numerous cruel friends to fight and to fight them to a finish. He should not go and sleep, satisfied that he has no enemy to fight. His own political friends, rallying friends, political godfathers and political lions and tigers who beat the drums for him are the very people he should watch, they are his friends who through their words or actions, provoke and trigger off reactions which eventually may mare him, mare his peaceful elections assertions and perhaps mare his reign as the executive President of Nigeria. Even as I write, pre-elections slaughterings are still rife in many states and nobody seems to be doing something, to arrest the uncivilized and vandalistic actions. Professor Jega means well for the country and his struggle to conduct and deliver violent-free, fair and credible elections is being negated by the political tigers who have seen themselves as the only living human beings in Nigeria whose wishes and dictates must be swallowed in totality. These heavy weights are above the law, above Nigerians and above the fragile Jonathan. Beware, Jonathan, you have many friends to fight with. From Shakespeare’s “Julius Ceasar”, take Artemidorous’ warning to Ceasar. Jonathan Goodluck, beware of those who believe on winning elections at all costs. Take heed of the political tigers and lions around you. These politicians love you not. There is but one mind in all of them, and that is to milk the country dry, deprive the people of Nigeria of all rights to life and living, while leaving you as a front to sink the country deeper into corruption. If you are not immortal, look about yourself. They are truly the enemies you must fight and not the enemies from other political parties who cannot hurt you. Remember that security gives way to conspiracy and I know that the mighty Lord, as always will continue to defend you


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