Are You a Victim of Lender Fraud?

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Tips on Avoiding a Loan Modification Scam

Homeowners need to become aware of the various loan modification scam schemes that they need to look out for, not only to protect their finances but their other assets as well. While it is already understood that one needs to look into every single provision of the contract before signing anything, there are still people who become victims of ill-meaning scammers who are only out to get other people’s money. When it comes to applying for a loan modification, one can never be too careful. As a matter of fact, the more measures one take to ensure that he will be receiving the services that he paid for, the better.

Here are some tricks that one may use in order to protect himself from the numerous scammers in the loan modification market. Following these tips will not only help the client ensure the quality of the services that he will receive, but it will also ensure that he will not be pushed to place his money on anything that will do him harm. With these secrets under your sleeve, you should be able to renegotiate better provisions for your loan payment schemes without encountering any unnecessary problem.

For one, loan modification scam schemes often promise highly positive results in exchange for the fees that the client will pay them. Most of the time, these proposed end results will be unbelievable, albeit beneficial, to the loan holder. In exchange for these benefits, the scammer often asks for a big asset to be signed over to them. For example, majority of the scams in the area involves turning over the deed of one’s home in exchange for better loan contracts. Believe it or not, there is a big number of people who have agreed to this process, despite the fact that it is highly suspicious, because the benefits that the scammers have offered them are very tempting.

There is also a big chance that you are dealing with a scammer if your loan modification specialist requires you to make your loan payments to them, while they supposedly turns over the payment to your original lender. To be on the safe side, make sure that you limit your choices to loan modification specialists who offer services that mainly have to do with renegotiating the claims and the provisions of the loan. Every cent that you shell out with regards to your loan payments should be transferred directly from your bank account to that of your original lender.

Finally, make sure that you look into every single document that you are presented with. Scammers often present various pieces of official-looking paperwork in an effort to sway you into going with an option that you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise. To avoid being a victim of a loan modification scam, make sure that you undergo the appropriate amount of background research that will verify the company’s credentials. Access various public records in order to make sure that the facts that you are being presented with are true.


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