Red Lobster Restaurant Review

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Yesterday I paid a visit to one of the most famous seafood restaurants in New York. I went to Red Lobster located in Times Square. The restaurant is very large and has three floors. The decor is simple and inviting. This restaurant is definitely crowded and there is a forty minute wait for the seat.

This restaurant has undergone some changes. There used to be only two floors and now a third floor was added. The second floor is not being used at this time. I loved the view of the New York City skyline from the second floor. Unfortunately, the third floor does not have any windows. 

Another change is the number of available bathroom stalls. That is a great change in my opinion. A large place should come with a large bathroom to avoid overcrowding. The bathrooms are located in a weird location and you actually have to make a round across the whole seating area just to get to them. 

The service is friendly and fast. The tip is included in your bill so you do not have to feel obligated to pay something extra on top of your final balance. The food is served in huge portions. The best thing to do is to order just the drinks and the main course. The main course already comes with an appetizer. The appetizer is a delicious salad with soft baked biscuits. After you finish the appetizer you will be twenty five percent full. 

The meals are huge. If you are not a giant, there is a very good chance that you will not get the chance to finish your plate. The drinks come with a variety of sweet fresh fruit. You can eat these fruit for dessert. I doubt that you will have any room remaining for cake.

I must comment about the waiting area. I really feel that there should be a restroom on the first floor along with some chairs. Waiting for forty minutes standing up while having to use the restroom is not cool. I think Red Lobster needs to be more accommodating. Red Lobster offers a large amount of different alcoholic beverages. They even have chocolate rum. Also, the appetizers look delicious. Personally, I would not eat anything before the meal though. 

Overall, I would say that the food was of good quality. I would have appreciated it if someone took my lobster out of the shell for me. It is really a skill to eat those lobster legs. You need to twist and turn the meat as if you were eating spaghetti. It is really a workout. Some people never actually figured out how to eat those lobster legs the right way. I have seen people eating with their mouth and hands. It looked like beasts in the jungle. The meat of the lobster was not all that soft either. I think the animal might have been frozen for too long. You can expect to spend approximately one hundred dollars for two people.


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