You Don't Have to Give Up Kids to Have a Successful Career

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She initially had put off the idea of children to the very back of her mind for a few years at least anyway and it was important to her to balance her real estate and business ventures before she thought about having children. But since she took care of her brother’s children she has had a major rethink of her life and the direction that it is going in. Many believe she will be able to juggle both because of how committed she is.

Ivanka’s announcement begs the question of how many people out there have successful careers in business as well as having children. Having kids is the most precious and life changing experience of your whole life in every aspect. Having a child changes everything and puts everything else in perspective including the ability to go back to work and even how important it is. It is not so much a big deal for men but women become very maternal and do not want to leave their children with anybody else, but if they want to have a career then it comes down to a point where they have to decide whether they want  career or not.

There are plenty of working mums out there, and they retain their independence as well as having the sanctuary of having a child, they are able to mix the tranquillity of a home life to the business of the workplace, but this is not easy for anybody to achieve and it can take a long time for a woman to get settled in a workplace. In terms of what this means for a relationship it can mean an awful lot, the strain in which childcare costs can cause financial friction, and the possible neglect of the child, or neglect as the father may see it can also cause trouble on the relationship.

But keeping relaxed and laid back about the whole thing the majority of relationships keep going and become stronger for it. Both parents lead separate lives but come home to the same life at the end of the day; this is something that should be a blissful experience and one that can lead to relationship building further along the line.  Building a more financially secure home for your child in the future is also a key aspect of why you would do something like this and in essence the actual idea is pretty flawless, you both get your individual lives and you appreciate each other more and you can both bond together with your child when you come home at night now that is the best for both worlds and is the best situation for the child also. So don’t be scared to pick up and go to work after having your baby moms, do what you need to for you as well as the best for your child.


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