Continuing Education Important For Teachers

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Continuing Education Important For Teachers

While education certainly may not be a field where you would consider a great number of advancements, however, that is certainly not true. Therefore, continuing education is crucial for teachers.

Online technology advances are changing the way adults gain knowledge, as colleges and training programs move away from being the main funnel of knowledge.

Since technology is advancing so quickly these days, it has opened up a whole new world of ways for teachers and instructors to educate their students. This requires a little bit of extra instruction and learning on the teacher’s part. These advancements in education technology need to be understood by the teachers in order for them to use it successfully with their students.

Continuing education, however, doesn’t just need to be required for technological advancements. There are new ways of teaching students fundamental math, science, and reading skills, as well as updates to lesson planning. Teachers who have been in the education profession for a long time may also need refresher courses on dealing with parent complaints or even basic computer skills, since so many parents take to their e-mail to communicate any questions or concerns they may have with a teacher.

As an education administrator, being up-do-date on the latest educational trends can also help you lead successfully and create a better school for your staff and your students.

Continuing education serves as a helpful tool in refreshing teacher’s skills as well as informing them of new changes within the educational field. It also helps them network with other teachers and creates a nice forum for discussion of trends and techniques they may not have known about before. It creates stronger and more well-informed teachers which can only benefit their students in the end.


The advantage of e-learning or online learning includes offering individualized instruction, which traditional formal education finds difficult to provide. E-learning can also target specific needs and individual learning preferences. This trend offers advantages for adult learners by:

  • recognizing the demand for quality education when adults invest in time to learn.

  • the ability to enroll in courses from anywhere someone has Internet connectivity.

  • enrolling in webinars, web-based courses, or instructor led courses.

  • providing ready access to records of program completion for college work or continuing education units.

These future trends are a call to action for adult learners everywhere. Mobile learning, professional learning networks, do-it-yourself learning, and E-learning are transforming the way adults learn. Continuing education is adapting to their needs and they need to take advantage of these educational opportunities to expand their professional knowledge and personal lifelong learning ventures.


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